Monthly Report: Mid-August/Patreon

Hey everyone, Andy here! To keep things in track, we've decided to release a monthly report at least once a month. And with that, here it is, our first monthly report.

Report version: 0.5.52/Patreon | Released version: 0.5.51/Patreon | Released version: 0.5.02/Itch

  • New backgrounds for main character's bedroom by Vui
  • All new V5 character sprites by Wolgen up to day 2 
  • Updated prologue scene
  • Updated day 1
  • Day 1 typo fixes
  • From discord server suggestion: A small, toggle-able indicator on the right-top of your screen when you're making the right choice, it's not suggested to turn it on since it can spoil the game for you. Use at your own risk!

Thanks for reading!

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Wait. What? "the right choice"? There are wrong choices in this game?

This is looking good, I can see how you pointing your heart into this, and I love it keep it up. (:

yeah. youre Right


wow looks like you guys are making great progress that wonderful to hear you guys keep up the amazing work and cant wait to see more and also wow i love the way Mr Parker looks from that sneak peak he looks like such a hunky daddy i love it owo