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Make sure you create a new file instead of loading old saves whenever there's an update! Lars day 4 update is up.

Gil day 5 is available for $3 and more on Patreon!

What is After Class?

After Class is an NSFW, gay, furry visual novel focused on the relationship between the main character (you) and the people you meet. Depending on your choices, you might learn something about them and even end up romancing one of them as the story progresses. Every choice you make has its consequences and it'll change the outcome of the story! 

The Story
You just moved to the city for a fresh start. It's your first day of college and you don't know anyone in the city. As you attend school, you met a bunch of new people. Some of them are nice, some of them are weird, some of them had a troubled past and so on. 
You make friends with them easily and quickly grow close to them. As you get closer with them, they start to open up to you and slowly show their other side that most people don't know. For some reason, a forgotten dream resurfaces after you meet them. Does it have anything to do with the people you met or is it only a coincidence?

Additional Notes

English isn't my native language so I acknowledge that my writing may have a lot of errors. 

Please note that drawing is something that is fairly new to me. I started to learn about drawing and coloring around March, and I'm still learning how to do it properly. All character drawing styles and poses in the game are temporal, I used a lot of references so there will be a lot of arts (actually all) that have similar styles of other games. All of the character designs will be the same but the styles will be changed in the future  We're happy to announce that we have an artist to draw the characters!

The screenshots are from v.0.5.10 (Patreon)

Music by Sentive (Copyright © 2002-2018 SLOS/background), Incompetech, bensound, and audionatix. Licensed under  Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0


You can support me by being a patron on my Patreon page, or you can share this demo to your friends. Thank you!

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This game has developed so much!! woooaaaaahhh!!!


I hope I am not the only one who thinks this but some of the characters age seem way off. They are all pretty much the same age..imo I think lars and parker, gil should at least have a age change.


Hi, does the game include NSFW cgs?

Not in the moment, I think. But they will be soon added (at least this is what the creator said on Twitter :P).


Personally, I love the new Lars sprite. Such a big guy!

is there any order in which the updates come out for the different characters?


If anybody knows, are there any easter eggs when Mr. Parker asks you what you do in you free time and you pick other? Like, is there anything specific you can write to get him to react in a certain way?

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There's always an error that pops up every single time I played this game,it says that something is missing like the image. 

please help me

if its the background image, then that just means they haven't put one there just yet.

Ohhh thank you I thought it was my phone lol

That happens when there is no background image for a certain scene, which means that the creator didn't implement it yet. When it gets added in a future update, there will be an image.

Thank you so much for a new update, it’s funny how when I started to feel down I got an update for this game, I’ll play it when I get home and see the new updates ❤️

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I really like this novel so far but the only thing I think should change is the characters age. Coach gil is way to young to have been the mc high school coach. Also to become a gym coach you need a bacheLors degree or a major in physical education. I feel like he should at least be in his 30s. Lars looks middle age and in the story it also made him seem like he is middle age. I was shocked when I found out he is 26 as well. Changing this I feel like will make the novel more realistic and also fit the characters.


i agree, i mean i felt the same with parker stone too. he looks around late 30s to mid 40s but surprised he's actually late 20s...wat lol.

so what route was updated?

wow, i just played this game and felt so emotional, thank you for making this, i went through mr parkers route and the music with the dialogue had me very emotional and fell involve with the game and lost touch with reality until i finished it, thank you for brightening my week

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"Queendom Hearts"... Wow... I have no words... LOL

Does anybody know when the next Coach Gil public update comes out? What about Lars and Mr. Parker?


I see a lot of potential in this VN. I instantly fell in love on Lars new ver. design. Now he's an actual dad now. But I got a question, how many days does it take a single day in After Class to release? Sorry for my bad english because I'm like you, english is not my native language too.


There will be at least one update per month, according to Andy himself.

Hey Andy, I forgot to get a screenshot of this but, on the Android version of this vn, it does not display the text right, instead of going horizontal like it should be so we can read it, it is going vertical so we can't read it, again, sorry that i forgot to get a screenshot of the problem

That happens to me too, the Day X thing is always broken, and some text lines are broken too. Either all the letters are inside each other, or they go vertical like you said. You can still read these lines in the text log, though.

The  OST  in  it  are  quite  amazing!!!  And the music of Morenatsu is more than a surprise for me! (It has been several years since I played it). 

Having seen the content of "About" , I know it is really hard for you to make it ,and it is your determination that makes me deeply moved . 

I believe your game will be better and better ,and it will be a success one day!!!

By the way ,I am also the fan of Lagoon Loung  XXXD    (both of your OST attract me~)

Omg, everything in his bedroom and bathroom are from The Sims 4. I love it x3

is there a guide ?

After every choice, look at the character and see if his like meter went up. If it did, you made the right choice, although most choices are pretty obvious.


Hello, In Android version on the game the dialoges and texts show up so weird, like getting out of the screen I cheked if it was my phone, but it's not, I hope you can solve them, Thanks, nice day!

(1 edit)

I hate to mention another issue after reading some of the comments, however the new Android version (not sure how many .apk users give you bug reports) is squashing the smaller text together so it's illegible. It worked fine in version 0.4.1... of course you may already be aware of it and have since fixed it in the newer versions.

To get around it in the meantime, I just pull up the history to see what was said, so it's just a minor inconvenience.

Also, are the sprites being changed? I noticed Lars went from one appearance to a bigger (better, in my opinion) adaptation. It better matched his portrait next to his dialogue box.

That said, I'm really looking forward to seeing how the game progresses. It's really entertaining.

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Hey Sam I agree with you. I am sure this VN is going to be good later on.

Nice that I found you here. Do you remember me?

I actually wanted to say thank you for telling me about Morenatsu, since I met you again. It's one of my favourites now. It has a well written story and they will change the sprites in the Homecoming version, again, luckily. It was really great and especially funny. ^^ (I played through both versions for a first time)

Have a nice week and happy easter! By the way have you played Tennis Ace?

Of course I remember you. 

I'm glad you enjoyed it.

And yes, I've played Tennis Ace, but I prefer Extracurricular Activities. 

Tennis Ace isn't bad or anything, it's quite well done.  

Something about Extracurricular Activities is just so charming to me though.

(2 edits)

Huh? That's fine to each his/her own.

I do like EA, but that the MC is the only one of a few humans is weird. The Morenatsu team changed this in Homecoming.

Tennis Ace isn't full with romance yet, if you know what I mean... I am sure it's what WOTB and his team are working on. We'll see.

And oh well to me TA is more charming. It seems more natural and fluid. What I really like about EA though is the music, especially the one that plays in the morning at the shelter. 

(Do you like my new profile picture? I used Background Eraser on the picture of the two guys and added a background with PhotoLayers :)


Heh, yeah your profile picture is cute.

I may change my opinion of TA when romance makes its appearance. It's getting there, but not quite. I agree it feels more natural, especially since it's not like "I've been out with you three times and now I'm in love!" which is what many VNs do. 

I just adore Darius and his route in EA though. I can see the resistance and how it slowly changes. How he becomes enamored with the MC and at first is so resistant to it, but he becomes gentler and stops sleeping with other people even though they're not technically dating and he doesn't have to. His character development just makes me swoon. Not to mention how excited he gets about some things, like playing the piano for the MC or going camping.

In TA though, I love Keisuke. His blushing face is adorable. 

I felt that way about Shinji in Morrnatsu too. I'd say I have a type, haha.

I don't honestly care if the MC is human or not, but I do agree it's odd when he's the only human. 

In Nekojishi, at least there's lots of humans but the MC can see their 'true form' if they have one. That's how they explain seeing beast men. It's also a great game that I highly recommend if you haven't played it. However, I think it's only a computer game, so you may have to wait until you have a PC.

For sure I am planning on getting a pc. How could I play games like these ones on our family computer? 

I plan on getting Nekojishi. It seems very interesting with only Cat-Beastmen or not? Lagoon Lounge doesn't look bad either. There are some more I have my focus on, such as Coming out on Top, Eldet, After Years, ... I don't plan on spending my money for something so why not support VN creaters?

As much as I'd like talking about Darius, Keisuke and Shin I can't (what he's called now, go play Morenatsu Homecoming (don't worry about sprites for now, they will remove the flashing too ^^). I don't play through a game 5 or more times to play through every route, at least I play every game through ones, first. There are still Echo and Adastra for me to play left ;)

I admire wolves. They're my fav. animals. That's why I have, most of the time, a crush on the 'dog characters'. 

I am pretty certain that you will change your opinion about TA. To be fair you could say the same thing about Morenatsu too. Morenatsu is also on the realistic side, but with less romance (for now I hope). 

You are right with the '3 times done thing' I don't really like it. If the story would continue on, after, then it could be fine.

Have you ever played Wolfstar Sins and Paradise? I find the story very different, unusual so to say but I like it, nevertheless. (Life/Afterlife, Demons/Angels, ...) Both WSSAP and Uncommon Breed are less interesting for the bright audience though, maybe. The characters are somewhat over-exaggerated, but the stories are well made.

Is it too early to wish somebody great easter? 

I keep getting an alert by my anti-virus software about a "TR/Crypt.ZPACK.Gen" file whenever I try to download the windows version of this game.... is that actually dangerous or can I ignore it? Would love to give this game a try!


Pretty sure this game is free of virus, not sure where you got that from

Ignore that if you want. 

but if you feel iffy about it: there's nothing I can do.


something worth reading:

(1 edit)

Have you ever thought of making singular updates to be unlocked on itch.io like on Patreon? I would pay for it, but patreon policy does not let me pay for it on a gift card and I know itch.io does though.

Unfortunately, I only release the updates faster on Patreon.

I don't have any plans to do that on itch.io, I'm sorry.

Day 3 Mark. Invite to eat after class. "I'm not hungry" option. That error happens:

[code] I'm sorry, but an uncaught exception occurred. While running game code: File "game/c-mark_day3.rpy", line 924, in NameError: name 'swingin' is not defined -- Full Traceback ------------------------------------------------------------ Full traceback: File "c-mark_day3.rpyc", line 924, in script File "/data/user/0/com.andehpi.ac/files/renpy/ast.py", line 1729, in execute if renpy.python.py_eval(condition): File "/data/user/0/com.andehpi.ac/files/renpy/python.py", line 1943, in py_eval return py_eval_bytecode(code, globals, locals) File "/data/user/0/com.andehpi.ac/files/renpy/python.py", line 1936, in py_eval_bytecode return eval(bytecode, globals, locals) File "game/c-mark_day3.rpy", line 924, in NameError: name 'swingin' is not defined [/code] 

It's a known error, fixed in v. 0.5.10.

To avoid it, make sure you go with Mark in the morning.

(2 edits)

Mark day 2,during the class, talking with Parker,I tried to skip it,but the game freezes and return to the main screen. There was no error report too.

From the text "After class" onwards,every time I try to skip the game freezes for like 1 sec and returns to main screen.

Also,there is no other option to choose here...maybe that text is in the wrong place?

The game says what you need to do: rollback, choose the other possible options

that is exactly what I'm trying to say: there is only 1 option in that place. 

You probably needs to change previous options to unlock that other option in this place

I noted now that the lockers room aren't in the BG gallery even tough I've played Gil route 2 times...maybe you didn't included it in the game yet,but if it is the one locked,there is some sort of bug as it didn't unlocked yet

A lot of BG didn't make it to the BG gallery.

Been focusing on the other part, so keep forgetting to add them to BG Gallery.

Don't mind that.

As I said in the warning screen:

liked that you put the climate near the days :D

Just...what is the meaning of the house there? Wasn't it supposed to only appear in your house? 🤔

pretty much means 'After School'

ooooooh got it

I was confused as when I touch it there is no info and the image is pretty much a house 

(1 edit)

anyone had success at the event gallery "others"? I'm still trying to open that fuck...😡

Andy you have a weakness for nuggets yes? Everywhere I look the Main Character have a option for it and when you do choose it he is always wanting it 🤣🤣🤣🤣 he will became a walking nugget...would he eat himself in that case? 🤔😱

Good luck.

And no I'm not, main character is.

(1 edit)

Oh,I was thinking you had put something about yourself in the character and that was it hmm

So...do* you put something based on yourself in your characters sometimes?

(4 edits)

I only saw now the info that there is a artist doing the characters hahaha

Tough I do remember a image in your Twitter about I think it was Lars in a version veeeery sexy.

This new update is day 4 of Anders? ---- okay I just played and it still ends in day 3,tough I saw that you made some little changes with the story,which I liked 👌🏻

I saw in your patreon something about day 4 of Anders and Gil,so I'm supposing you made day 4 of Gil in this update and Anders day 4 will came in the next update...🤔

Oh,before I forgot. When I actualized the game in android version,after opening it there was a error log,but I just ignored it and there was nothing wrong that I noted after that. Dunno what happened...tough it jumped the main screen directly to the main title - I mean,the screen with the options instead of the one saying "touch to start"

Okay,now I do think something really did go wrong...I played it and there was no day for Gil or Anders...I'm lost...what is new in that version? You should put the dev log of the newest actualization on itch.io too,if possible,of course. 

Oh,again,when I opened the game it did open as error,but this time it didn't jumped straight to menu,staying in the screen about mature content. 

(For checking the version)

That is the error report:


I'm sorry, but an uncaught exception occurred.

While running game code:

  File "renpy/common/00keymap.rpy", line 446, in <module>

  File "renpy/common/00keymap.rpy", line 456, in _execute_python_hide

Exception: Couldn't find a place to stop rolling back. Perhaps the script changed in an incompatible way?

-- Full Traceback ------------------------------------------------------------

Full traceback:

  File "00start.rpyc", line 203, in script call

  File "00keymap.rpyc", line 446, in script

  File "/data/user/0/com.andehpi.ac/files/renpy/ast.py", line 862, in execute

    renpy.python.py_exec_bytecode(self.code.bytecode, self.hide, store=self.store)

  File "/data/user/0/com.andehpi.ac/files/renpy/python.py", line 1912, in py_exec_bytecode

    exec bytecode in globals, locals

  File "renpy/common/00keymap.rpy", line 446, in <module>

  File "renpy/common/00keymap.rpy", line 456, in _execute_python_hide

  File "/data/user/0/com.andehpi.ac/files/renpy/loadsave.py", line 728, in load

    log.unfreeze(roots, label="_after_load")

  File "/data/user/0/com.andehpi.ac/files/renpy/python.py", line 1867, in unfreeze

    self.rollback(0, force=True, label=label, greedy=greedy, on_load=True)

  File "/data/user/0/com.andehpi.ac/files/renpy/python.py", line 1696, in rollback

    raise Exception("Couldn't find a place to stop rolling back. Perhaps the script changed in an incompatible way?")

Exception: Couldn't find a place to stop rolling back. Perhaps the script changed in an incompatible way?


I'll try to reinstall to see if that error still keeps repeating.

And apparently that didn't worked...I downloaded again,but when I opened the apk archive there was a "error with the package". I tried again and it worked,but when I opened the game the same error appeared...also,according to the progression bar in the "About" menu,there is nothing new that I didn't saw/did in this new version...that is strange lol


You kinda answered it actually, "I saw in your patreon something about day 4 of Anders and Gil" --What I post in Patreon belongs to Patreon.

Parker, Mark, Gil, Anders' day 4 are Patreon-only for now

Parker's Day 4 will be released in 24 hours, or maybe earlier. The rest are May, June, July, respectively

As for the Android version, an error with the package is likely happening because you tried to install the same version of the game OR you went from higher version to lower version.

The rollback error is probably because you didn't close the game properly in previous session.

oh I made a mess then,sorry

About the android version,I really tried installing the game - same version - because dunno way,but there was no new content after the actualization lol

I just downloaded this game a day ago and I just finished it right now

It was really cool , fun and intriguing how the story is presented

At first I was confused on how the 1st day started and then I realized that it was probably days after the initial story begins

All characters are likable , heck they're lovable , they're mysterious and that's what I like about it , the joy of finding out their past and building a future with them

Personally I'll give this a 11/10  :>

I'd love to see this game finished because every route is so fascinating 

I love Lars and Parker the most out of them

Lars - Pledge to protect

Parker - such a cutie 

Thank You for making this game Mr.Andy <3

Why, thank you.

Lars and Parker give you a 11/10 too.

They luv, they attacc, and they protecc.


Andy, do you intend to make small updates to the game but with a small amount of time between each one or a big update but with a large amount of time for each update? Just to know if I'm going to have to open this page every day

Hi Gempanchi, I update the game on itch.io after ~2 days when all Patron received the latest update. 
I just released Anders' day 4 on Patreon today, so expect new update on itch.io in two days.
So, no, you only have to open this page every month
But I don't mind if you open this page everyday.

Ok, Thk

(1 edit)

Bublix reminds me of spellcasters and magical things like Harry Potter...the outside is so normal sized,but then you enter there and there's basically everything inside it,like the space inside it is bigger than the outside hahaha

Seriously, I was like "excuse me,WTF!" The first time I come there in the food square haha

The story happens in Japan? I saw in some route Parker saying that they were near Harusu from Lagoon Lounge 🤔🤔

That's shouldn't be a problem, beastmen are magical things anyway.


In all seriousness, the BG in After Class is still in development, we're still finding BG artists; please be patient.

that wasn't a critic hahaha just a comment about the craziness in the game. Tough I like some craziness to relax of the sometimes dull life.

Wait...what background have to do about my question? 🤔 I was asking if the place of the story is in Japan hahaha 

And yeah,that is understandable. The game is in development...obviously a bunch of things still need more attention. Tough I do admit I'm a bit anxious to see how it goes...see how the game will develop ☺

I tried looking at the sub characters page and that happened 

[code] I'm sorry, but an uncaught exception occurred. While running game code: File "renpy/common/00gamemenu.rpy", line 173, in File "game/characters.rpy", line 250, in execute File "game/characters.rpy", line 250, in execute File "game/characters.rpy", line 341, in execute File "game/characters.rpy", line 343, in execute File "game/characters.rpy", line 344, in execute File "game/characters.rpy", line 346, in execute NameError: name 'namesub' is not defined -- Full Traceback ------------------------------------------------------------ Full traceback: File "00gamemenu.rpyc", line 173, in script File "/data/user/0/com.andehpi.ac/files/renpy/ast.py", line 862, in execute renpy.python.py_exec_bytecode(self.code.bytecode, self.hide, store=self.store) File "/data/user/0/com.andehpi.ac/files/renpy/python.py", line 1912, in py_exec_bytecode exec bytecode in globals, locals File "renpy/common/00gamemenu.rpy", line 173, in File "/data/user/0/com.andehpi.ac/files/renpy/ui.py", line 287, in interact rv = renpy.game.interface.interact(roll_forward=roll_forward, **kwargs) File "/data/user/0/com.andehpi.ac/files/renpy/display/core.py", line 2649, in interact repeat, rv = self.interact_core(preloads=preloads, trans_pause=trans_pause, **kwargs) File "/data/user/0/com.andehpi.ac/files/renpy/display/core.py", line 3033, in interact_core root_widget.visit_all(lambda i : i.per_interact()) File "/data/user/0/com.andehpi.ac/files/renpy/display/core.py", line 511, in visit_all d.visit_all(callback) File "/data/user/0/com.andehpi.ac/files/renpy/display/core.py", line 511, in visit_all d.visit_all(callback) File "/data/user/0/com.andehpi.ac/files/renpy/display/core.py", line 511, in visit_all d.visit_all(callback) File "/data/user/0/com.andehpi.ac/files/renpy/display/core.py", line 511, in visit_all d.visit_all(callback) File "/data/user/0/com.andehpi.ac/files/renpy/display/screen.py", line 424, in visit_all callback(self) File "/data/user/0/com.andehpi.ac/files/renpy/display/core.py", line 3033, in root_widget.visit_all(lambda i : i.per_interact()) File "/data/user/0/com.andehpi.ac/files/renpy/display/screen.py", line 434, in per_interact self.update() File "/data/user/0/com.andehpi.ac/files/renpy/display/screen.py", line 619, in update self.screen.function(**self.scope) File "game/characters.rpy", line 250, in execute File "game/characters.rpy", line 250, in execute File "game/characters.rpy", line 341, in execute File "game/characters.rpy", line 343, in execute File "game/characters.rpy", line 344, in execute File "game/characters.rpy", line 346, in execute File "", line 346, in NameError: name 'namesub' is not defined [/code] 

(1 edit)

I looked at the traceback, it provides no solution, but it'd help if you tell me where exactly you encountered it, which route, what day, for one.

If you loaded old files instead of playing a new save, that bound to happen.

I always suggest loading a new file whenever there's a new update; but it's changing as of 0.4.30 (Patreon version)

sorry but I don't remember it. I played all routes on that day,so it is a bit fuzzy all the memories...

If I do remember correctly,it was during the classmate lion - forgot his name - when appeared a new side character in there,a friend of the lion,guy that i didn't saw in other routes...I it was Avi,Eve,something like that...and when I opened side character page to check about the guy that error happened. 

Sorry for not having more information...I was thinking just that was enough haha. Now I'll try at least to print the scene prior to it and send more informations...

(2 edits)

What is that □?lol 

Woah,I didn't saw that reference to Lagoon Lounge the time I played the other routes hahaha. Nice :P

Oh,a recommendation to you: there is too much repetition sometimes...like "you did x and then you and...". If you want to make the people more immersed in the VN changing that helps greatly :D

Yeah,rest eyes after turning off the alarm is really dangerous...I lost the time a lot due to it at high school time 😑

probably just missing font, thanks for pointing it out. fixed it.

as for the narration, yeah, earlier scripts have soooooo many flaws and i'm planning to change it in the future so don't worry about that.


Hey Andy, since it said that it was updated 22 hours ago, who got updated

Sorry for late reply, I don't check itch often, but to answer that. It's Lars' day 4

here's how the numbers work:

itch v. a.b.cc

a refers to the whole game: 0 means demo version, 1 means finished the game

b indicates in-game day: the recent update is v. 0.4.10: meaning it's day 4

cc means route -- .10 is Lars, .20 is Parker, .30 is Mark, .40 is Gil, .50 is Anders.

oh ok, thank you


Hi, can I ask something

What app did you use to draw the character Sprite?

Paint Tool SAI and Adobe Photoshop.

is there day 4 for Parker?

Patreon version, yes. Public demo, no.


Lars is bae 😻


speaking of Lars, haaaaaaaave you seen this yet >:P
https://twitter.com/andehp_/status/1107697878917484545 (NSFW 18+)
its official artwork too hehe

grrr, can't wait to see this happen :>



Cant wait for more Parker days :P


Poor Lars. Hopefully things start looking up for him.

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