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After Class is a gay,  NSFW story driven furry visual novel focused on the relationship between the main character (you / default name: Walter) and the people he meets. This VN covers some controversial topics, your everyday conversation, dead memes, and such. Every choice you make has its consequences, and it might change the outcome of the story.


You play as Walter, a clumsy, forgetful husky/malamute/wolf mix beast man, who has yearned for a change since high school. After thousands of reasoning and arguments, you managed to convince your parents to let you move out.

Finally free from a house that you described as a prison in all but name, you moved to a new house that your parents picked for you.

Even though they let you move out, they had one rule you should follow: "Move to Highwell and attend Highwell University." which you agreed gleefully without giving it too much thought, because why would you?

It's the first day of college, and you know no one in this city. You met a bunch of new people! Some of them are weird, some of them are nice, some had a troubled past. But one thing for sure: they are being too friendly with you as if you were a friend they used to know...?

As you get to know them better, your head started to hurt more often, forgotten memories resurfacing, and cryptic dreams keep appearing in your sleep. They are almost like a part of something really important... Everything seems to be just ordinary, but then strange things keep happening...

What is it, and why can't you remember anything about it? 

Did your parents send you here, knowing that you'll remember everything? Or is it a mere coincidence?


Music by Sentive (Copyright © 2002-2018 SLOS/background), Incompetech, bensound, MusMus, and audionatix. Licensed under  Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 / 4.0

"Putting In The Work" from Morenatsu Homecoming by Stormsinger Studios, used with permissions.


Backgrounds by Vui. Character designed by Andy Peng, drawn by Wolgen. Guest artists including: Wyne, Guojun.


You can support me by being a patron on my Patreon page, or you can share this demo to your friends. Thank you!


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Updated 14 days ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorAndy Peng
GenreVisual Novel
TagsAdult, Bara, Dating Sim, Furry, Gay, LGBT, NSFW, Slice Of Life


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I just finished Mr. Parker's route with the guide I got and I must say, I am pretty heart broken. I was rooting for them 😥 oh well...

Its a strange route, just like Byron`s. It was the first one i did, so when i finish all of them i realise its one of the slowest and more calm. Since you know, Parker rejected Walter at first. But its cool that some hope its showed in the end with that hand grab. Nice route. I recomend you going for all of them. 

Wait do y'all have the full version

Wait what happened am I lost

Does anyone know how to get the good ending on anders route?

(1 edit)

There's a guide listing the best choices for each route.

Anders's is:

Sit here with Anders, Take umbrella, Don't get any funny ideas.

Disagree, Get some veggies, Change the topic, Can I see your rocks, too? Ask what's going on, Map: Bublix, Ask him to help you shop. 

I'd consider it. Go visit Anders, Dialogue, Woke up early, bleh.

It's...I don't know, Dialogue, Nothing in particular, I'm worried.

Tell him you think you saw Anders, Map: Arcade, Dialogue

Pretzel with spices, Dialogue, Sure!, Future Funk song, Dialogue

Dialogue, Dialogue, Focus on Lars, Praise Anders, Sit next to Anders, Look to Anders, Help Anders yourself, Ask Coach Gil to stop, Dialogue, I'll stay here

Ask him to draw something to commemorate the trip, Dialogue

Promise to work through whatever happens, Listen in, Enjoy companionable silence, Ask Anders if he likes being busy

Intimidate him, Dialogue





😙👉👈 sooooo. It may have been a while since i last played, but i completely forgot what happens on Day:8 for Parker. 😭IM SORRY!. I cant remember if it is day:7 or 8 when the get back from the beach. 💀

Does anyone else also got it on Mark route day 8?
(1 edit) (+1)

I got that too, and in Byron route too. But with i just ignore it and continue


Absolutely love this game!! The art is fantastic.  If you don't mind me asking - what program did you use for this VN, and what size assets are typically used for the characters?  You're inspiring me to try my own VN!  

Also Lars reminds me so much of my partner <3

Can't wait to figure out more of the overall mystery going on here! You have me roped and considering supporting via patreon when money is less tight

The creator uses renpy



ok, So I finally got enough time to play the new updates and HOLE SHIZ, was no expecting a Visual novel to touch on a subject personally relatable to me as THAT. both in marks new day 8 and Anders' (?) new bonus episode

spoiler bellow








mark losing his best friend, which I can only assume to be Avi (hopefully not him though) and having a depressive episode because of it and is now emotionally clingy to Walter now is completely understandable, especially considering how he also lost his brother, other, and presumably "Anders" in an emotional sense

when I lost my best friend, I too got overly clingy to the point where I needed therapy for anxiety and depression, so I hope Mark can get the same type of help as well

as for Anders' episode, finding out someone you  know, trusted and looked up to for so long was someone terrible, It's understandable how he'd act that way and be distanced towards people now, I wont reveal too much but I pretty much experienced the same with my mother like Anders with his, hope he gets emotional help and self confirmation that he isn't his father and he can figure a=out that which he wanted to find out in that chapter

Does someone have the excel guide updated to Lars day 9?

No, but you can turn on choices indicators if you made a good choice or not


Did Gil have sex with Edgar? In Anders episode, Herbert talks with Anders. Herbert tells Anders to be careful of Gil, says he is a family destroyer, and mocks that he is now a famous teacher. Does this suggest that Gil had sex with Edgar and Herbert found out? The teacher's identity is also obtained through this relationship?

One day in Gil route, Gil left his mobile phone outside in the shower and kept giving a prompt tone. Walter said that he knew it very well and heard it on his father's mobile phone. It is said that this is the prompt tone of a gay communication software.


Gil having Grindr XD. 

But probably yeah, Gil of all the routs has the best realeationship with Walter family. In his route he has some lines like "I really want to visit them. I dont do it since so long ago" So probably he had sex with Edgar, and with how Herbert is, he probably ear, see or knew it somehow.


If Gil had sex with Edgar.In Gil route, what would Walter think if he knew Gil had sex with his daddy? I don't think Walter is the kind of guy who does nothing.


WELL. Knowing how Walter is, he probably would just freak out a little and then focus on another thing.

But it deppends on who and how he got told. If its Gil, just talking seriously and relaxed with him, probably what i a said. But if its another person, and with a bad context, Walter probably would take it really bad. 

I hope Andy make something out of it. 


If all this is true, it may mean that Walter forgave a family wrecker. This will be an indescribable strange feeling. I think it doesn't conform to Walter's character setting.


second theory, Maybe Herbert is envious of Gilbert because he "took away" Walter from him when they became friends and since Walter was presumably the only one Herbert can call a friend he was bitter to it and is why he is bitter towards everyone else and is so self centered?

(2 edits) (+1)

i don't think he's slept with anyone, i'm believing Gil when he says he's a virgin on his day 7. when Walter doesn't believe it, Gil is quick to take it back because he wants to be seen as a sex expert. to me this feels like he wouldn't say he was a virgin if it wasn't true. And later when Gil is teasing Walter about it being his first time at a hot spring, Lars teases Gil about being a virgin and his reaction confirms it to me. Lars also sounds surprised when Gil said it, meaning they never had sex and he never found out when they were dating (which is weird, but maybe Parker was cockblocking him even back then, despite their arrangement sounding more recent). 

Herbert doesn't say that Gil is a family destroyer, only that he has a certain reputation and he's someone to stay away from, it's probably due to the rumors surrounding Gil rather than anything to do with Edgar.

(2 edits)

Do you have this screenshot?

to get these scenes all you need to do is choose deny when gil says you already agreed to sit with him on the bus, then these scenes happen later.


(9 edits) (+1)

Question to anyone

Did the original content that was a couple of months back changed?

To explain why I am asking…

I recently read Mr. Parker’s and Anders’ routes, noticing differences in them.

Lars route is the same, though new changes to the content.

Spoilers Ahead!


Walter and, if you have read Herbert, are twin brothers, right?

But after reading Mr. Parker’s and Anders/Byron routes, there it seems to be brothers? I do not know exactly, just asking. But on Lars route Walter seems to be Herbert but now is a different person due to memory lost.

More like theory crafting per see, but I’m confused. Just changes from timeline to timeline from what I see. Like there is something more than memory lost, like Walter and Herbert are the same person, but it depends on the route.

Like I said, I’m just theory crafting here, so…

(Sorry if anything I wrote doesn’t make sense, I… It still a lot to take in after reading Anders/Byron route and episode)


not sure if this will solve the problem but..














He's saying that Walter and Herbert are twins, but I'm not sure does he said it outright.. I wasn't really paying attention, but 70% I'm sure he said it that way.

(4 edits) (+2)

Interesting… I will check that soon… I just finished reading Mark’s route and well…

I see more and more of what is going on. Still, I really have no idea of what is going on other than:

Possible spoilers Ahead!.




  1. Everyone that we see as the “main” cast are childhood friends, or just known to us as the memories are still absent.

  2. They know each other too much, but try to hide it.

  3. (not really a point but…) Walter(MC) truly can’t see the multiple hints, that they’re hiding something.


Always love Gil~~


I like 3 but in order Lars, Gils and Mark.


These are good choices


So this comment section basically turned into a forum of some sort eh?

Chat here instead heh~

Deleted 5 days ago

My English skill is sucks...I can't keep up with their topic...sorry 😑

Translation software is really convenient to use

Damn that's sad, there's translation software build in tho


You alway could turn into dark age like last time though :P

Why, I didn't do anything wrong...I wouldn't like handcuffs👿👿👿,

I didn't say cuffy time Though. So your good?


i don't think so, I can no longer do it because there's a lot of new ppl

Fair point, so how everyone doing so far?

I joined and left the same day.. I was there a hour i guess 🙃


oh well it's fine

Gil and Talbot in the Lars mainline (the shark) did some mysterious things,Why is there no discussion?

We should avoid this topic

Does Gil and Lars have NSFW CGs may I know the guide?

will day 9 and other days for each character also appear on itch.io or only on patreon?


Character's day 9 will be appear on public (Itch). At least I think so

ooooooh, new update!



Just finished Byron's Episode... Im, devasteated. Everything was going good, until, well, THAT happend. It really hurts, a lot, because i think you can see how Byron is getting a little bit more confy with himself, Mark, Herbert and his life choices. But then THAT happends. And you feel just as devastated as him.... Such great writting. I really like the way the Episode build up, and specialy how Herbert was in it, perfect. And that end... That end... God Almighty. Really great job Andy. 

 But, im shure im not gonna call him Anders anymore. He is not that person, even if he thinks he is.


I played this episode twice but still I can't understand it fully yet...I know what happened, but who is Anders? Why does Byron want to take that name? What happened to his father after that event? The only one thing I know is I don't like Herbert...He's mean, not like Walter, and he kinda hate Walter too...

(1 edit)

Well, im not gonna lie. At first i didnt understood everything. I was like "WHAT HAPPEND?!" but then i really analize things and started to see things clearly. For my point of view:

Anders is the popular boy of Byron's highschool. The one who Byron's father r4p3 (i dont know if its allow to say that word).

Byron took his name because he doesn't feel like himself after that event. Even before that, he felt like an impostor, just a bad copy of his father. So the breaking point of starting to think he is other person was unleash because of that event. Plus, i think he took that name because Anders was broken after the meeting with his father. So he felt he fit more in that description of "broken".

Byron's father probably goes to jail. Byron says after the time skip something like "ill make him pay, that is the little i can do" so, probably he report it to the police. 

I hope that solve your doupts. And i too really dont like Herbert. Like, its cool and interesting to finally see him in the history, but with the end and some behaves he has in the history, he is defintly a not good person. 


Do public updates usually come out after ~2-4 months after the Patreon release or does it only happen sometimes due to some unexpected problems? Is there a set update schedule?
(Just wanna know when can we approximately expect Lars Day 9 and other updates to release publicly)

Can't install the game no matter how hard i try💀💀





After checking a bit, maybe? We do gain something when taking to him in some routes. I do not know if he will be Dateable, but I hope we can at least become friends with him. He does need some friends.

(1 edit) (+2)

Wilfred has already a route tho but its on WIP lmao


play morenatsu homecoming for Tora

que mas me gusto es que yo era el prota y me enamoraba de lars pero solo llega hasta el día 8 espero que salgan más días no puedo esperar así 😭



It pains, it hurts, it's terrifying, I feel so f*king despair just reading Byron/Anders episode :( 


Too. It hurts.

I guess for me, it did not affect me at all… I guess reading the other projects of The Echo Project team, made it less difficult for me to take it in.

Still, I do feel that feeling of about to trow up.

I also feel bad for him after knowing his past.

when will episode 9 of my character come out? or at least there will be?


Guys, Gil and T ...in the Lars mainline (the shark) did some mysterious things, and now many people are arguing about it😂I think it's just a misunderstanding  I don't know why no one here is talking about this, but I will believe Gil (that's it. It's already early in the morning. I should go to sleep. Ha ha)

No one's talking about it because Lars day 9 is only out for patrons right now. I feel like people should try to avoid discussing patreon spoilers here until said content is made public, since this is the public page.

Oh, I see~~

Gil was surely having sex with Talbot in that room... It's not about you believe Gil or not, it's just like...him. In his route, I can tell he would do...things with Walter if Talbot wasn't there...

I'm not so sure. He's actually still a virgin as of day 7 (this is revealed on Gil day 7 if you don't sit with him on the bus iirc). Would he really lose his virginity to Talbot of all people, who he seems to have no romantic/sexual interest in whatsoever in the other routes? Maybe since Lars is his ex he's extra jealous of him and Walter, but idk. It's possible they were kissing or something, but I very highly doubt it was sex. Or it could even be a red herring and Walter misinterpreted things and it was just an argument.

!! Man, you're right

Why can't I find this paragraph? Do you have a screenshot?

Okay, but if Talbot hadn't bothered, something would have happened  What a pity

I recomend on ussing a SPOILER warning C: ! Specialy if it is for Patreon content. 

Please discuss the spoiler privately please. This page is for public build player, not all of us is happy with spoilers ok? This is one MAJOR SPOILERS???

sorry,I will pay attention to these in the future

Does anyone have a latest guide?





Just ignore it, bud

this happens when your old save file is too old since some things have changed, like the implementation of Wilfred's character.

Is it just more or does (Spoiler) Byron/Anders episode just messed up like it was calm in the beginning and now its just like wtf just happened. 

is there anywhere where i can read the known lore of this game 

Sometimes I hope Matpat made a video on youtube about the lore of this game and predict Walter's past or something 😩

Please ask Mr. Parker to come to my home and help me with my English


How many cg/s is it have?

This update might be my favorite so far! Nice work!

Finally, face reveal....

Omg that's so nice!,even the gym owner got a face reveal too

(1 edit) (+2)

Indeed, and his name is Ren


Wait, why I'm screenshot right at that sentences?!

Guess because we are very thirsty? 

It's still waaaaays long enough to get there.

We're already get one tough. It's in the gallery

Did he also appears before the update? He's from Parker's route

He already appears on Parkers Day 8 before the update 

Well, he just a side character

To tell you the truth, I don't like him👿

(1 edit)

Why, though? Did he appears in Anders or Mark which I haven't take yet?

I don't know ~ I feel that the new role is very different from the previous role

You mean, he may not the part of Walter's forgotten friends?

I just don't think he even plays the same game as other people. I don't know why 😂 Maybe I'm not used to it

Yasss new update

Wish Tora to be a dateable character in the future~


You never know, Tora did have an increase of affinity on day 7~

does anyone have the latest guide for this game

I have a question involving Torahiko.

So, if in this story Torahiko did not date Hiroyuki, then who did?

See the source image

Torahiro wasn't romanceable option in original Morenatsu (if I remember correctly) so I think that's why he's wasn't dating Hiroyuki in After Class.

Yes an update! But damn, I cannot play it soon. too many college activities that I have to do. Ofc, i hate it hahaha

you know I really hope the next update doesn't make me delete my data 4 the game because I really don't like QuickTime events I know it can't be helped but the Gilbert QuickTime events are ridiculous really hard it is hard to believe but Mark used to my Canon route but now it's Gilbert for sure followed by Parker close second Anders and Lars tied for third LOL 

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