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This is Public version (modifier i) of After Class.

Episode Parker 1 is available on Patreon for all patrons! Happy new year, everyone!

Donation is entirely optional and much appreciated! But I wouldn't suggest it, especially that there are Patreon builds where you can get early access to future updates for as little as $3.

This is currently work in progress, there will be a lot of errors, bugs and inconsistencies. Thank you for your patience! Updates are sporadic and align with Patreon updates. If there's no updates on Patreon, there's none on here.



After Class is a gay, male-focused, NSFW story-driven furry visual novel focused on the relationship between the main character (you / default name: Walter) and the people he meets. This VN covers some controversial topics, your everyday conversation, dead memes (especially), and such. Every choice you make has its consequences, and it might change the outcome of the story.



You play as a clumsy husky/malamute/wolf mix beastman, who has yearned for a change since the high school times. After thousands of reasoning and arguments, you managed to convince your parents to let you move out.

Finally free from a house that you described as a prison in all but name, you started moving to your new house, where your parents rented for you.

Even though they let you move out, they had one rule you should follow: "Move to Highwell and attend Highwell University." which you agreed gleefully.

It's the first day of college in Highwell University, and you know no one in this city. You met a bunch of new people! Some of them are weird, some of them are nice, some had a troubled past. But one thing for sure: they are being too friendly with you as if you were a friend they used to know...?

As you get to know them better, your head started to hurt more often, forgotten memories resurfacing, and cryptic dreams keep appearing in your sleep. They are almost like a part of something really important... What is it, and why can't you remember anything about it? 

Did your parents send you here, knowing that you'll remember everything? Is it a mere coincidence? Or is there something else in play?

Why don't you come to Highwell and find out yourself?



It all takes place in a suburban area of Highwell, where you discover your lost memories as well as making a new one. 

You're not limited to that area, though. There are more for you to discover in and outside Highwell. From cityscapes to mountainsides, we have it all. Pretty cool, don't you think?



What's a story if it doesn't have characters in it? Meet the lovely cast of After Class, we have all kinds of people in Highwell.

I say all kinds of people, but it's a lot of buff dudes, that I admit.



Music by Sentive (Copyright © 2002-2018 SLOS/background), Incompetech, bensound, MusMus, and audionatix. Licensed under  Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 / 4.0

"Putting In The Work" from Morenatsu Homecoming by Stormsinger Studios, used with permissions.


Backgrounds by Vui and Wyne. Character designs by Andy Peng, drawn by Wolgen and Jake.  Co-developed with Rex, Rook, Jake, North Grizz, Logan, and Daikitei.

Extra artworks: Mr.Bear and Guojun

(More credits to come)


You can support me by being a patron on my Patreon page, or you can share this demo to your friends. Thank you!


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StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(1,268 total ratings)
AuthorAndy Peng
GenreVisual Novel
TagsAdult, Bara, Dating Sim, Furry, Gay, LGBT, NSFW, Slice Of Life


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hi there afcl fans you're welcome to join our unofficial discord server made for after class fans where u can talk about ur afcl crush or theories and most importantly make friends who likes afcl just like you feel free to drop by



People waiting for the public release:

I wanted to play Mark episode again but it's no longer available in this update, will it be available again?



I know this game is a demo and the next updates is not free anymore because all people needs money we all understand that. But is the game will be free after it's done? Appreciate an answer thank you ❤️


Wait Really? Where did you hear about that. I haven’t seen anything about the next update costing money.


In the description, it iterally said it's just a demo. 

(1 edit)

i can totally agree you on that first one, i'm not so sure about the game being totally free when its finished i mean that would be totally cool if that will happen considering i can't afford in any Patreon subscriptions is a pain that i have to endure.


Same dude I'm now saving money because for the update (Our currency is not a dollar btw it's Philippines peso.)

Oof same here imma save now too😅


Hello dear author, I am a Chinese player, your game is of high quality, the plot line and CG are great. I only have a little question, which is that the language option in the game settings is set to Chinese and the internal language of the game is still in English, is it because the translation part is not completed?

It might be a spoiler

Has anyone played Parker's route day 9 yet? I was quite surprised when I played it without any instructions... Besides, were those dreams Walter's memories? Because, somehow it's related to the reality 


I'm sorry but Lars story is so inconsistent. One time they sleep together, one time they don't after the fact that they did. Lars is so into the MC and other times he is not, every character feels so frustrating, especially Mark and the Mc, who acts like a baby. The college theme is so mixed up with highschool. Bullies in college is so out of place. The non consensual nature of a few characters, except Gil (I know i'ts intentional with him.)

And i hate the fact that every character is baby-ing the Mc as well.


hi there afcl fans you're welcome to join our unofficial discord server made for after class fans where u can talk about ur afcl crush or theories and most importantly make friends who likes afcl just like you feel free to drop by



I remember my first days on Mark and Gil route... Rly hate dog and love kitty, but! Right now i see how i failure. 

Best coach Gil always help me — Mark never tell truth and lie. Wtf, love and hate swaps in my head.


You know at first I thought I would like Mark for the main character but as time went on I absolutely hate him but I still read his route to see if he will turn around so for now he is last in order g i l l is first random descending order from there I completely agree with everything you said about Mark but I want your opinion do you think h e is too needy

Hi, i love the game! Just a question, how do you unlock the second image of Lars? I have unlocked the others playing naturally but that one i didnt encounter.

Thanks in advance.

That would be in his episode, though since the UI was changed dunno where it is located now hehe

Top left title screen hover your mouse over their faces.

(Idk if you got any notification for the other coment but check here) Top left title screen hover your mouse over their faces.

I'm so sad....because 1 person with he hate comment 
My Mr.parker get blame for it... i mean just hate the guy with that stupid comment don't bring Mr.Parker.....


Really liking this game and am a huge fan of Gil :D

Actually screamed in frustration when I got to the last bit of his route but will wait for more! Might eventually pledge too down the line. Even got a circle of friends into this game too who keep making up these theories about the plot, like how MC might have a split personality and is actually his own twin brother and etc lol

Hope you're doing alright, I'll look forward to more updates! [and hoping Wilfred gets more stuff too]

Lego interested remember to check more information to see weather the visual novel has been updated because my guess Andy is very busy and some development logs would take a long time to type out but to prove the visual novel is being updated from time to time here is a screenshot I took today from the more information tab

(2 edits) (+7)

Me resurrecting back to life to check for updates:

Me checking the past couple weeks comments:

yeahhhh, total mess


Hello Mr. Andy, I am a fan of AFCL game (I am wondering that you may not check the twitter, so I wrote this comment, hope this won't bother u), plus I am a Chinese college student. I am writing this comment excitedly because it is my first time to write to a game creator through twitter! And I hope my poor English won't bother you.

I have played your game recently, and I think this game is perfect! Ranging from the story line, game interface, characters, musics, CG(characters & background) and so on.

Hearing that you might have some trouble these days, I genuinely hope you can deal with those messes and relax yourselves! Especially getting some sweat time in your bed instead of working...

Eh...Hope to see you well. In fact as a college student I don't have a VISA card (Is that so called?) now, so I may not support you with my money...But if you need some translation answer in Chinese, I am willing to share what I know with u !

Okay, in short, don't push yourself too hard, and have a good rest on January🥳!


The funniest part of this comment is that you are unsure of your linguistic skills, yet you could form  better sentences than several natives I've talked to. lol.

So is this the real download?

Can't Wait for another update i already finished all the Routes 

i hope i can still play this masterpiece when its complete in the future




What happened here while i was gone like all this hate just bc parker had a past lovlife like can't you just love a character by the way they are and in future builds of afterclassvn im sure parker will be more exciting when andy finishes it don't get me wrong i love parker but so doea everyone else what im saying is that even if the story for the desireable character rn is trash it will improve overtime it's called character development bitch so if you hate the game now the uninstall is free and go look at other vn than this we have our own opinions about the game and we should respect it unlike som1 who i'v been reading here for about 40 mins of them complaining and whinning like a bitch about it like get a life as a matter of fact touch grass or disconnect for a while maybe you'll understand when you finally see it's not just about 1 character of the game 😒


i check in on this game every half a year or so, its changed so much in a good way. cant wait to see its completion 


Happy new year everyone..🥰🥰 and to you Mr. Andy.. Love lotss...

Hi andy! Love you mwehehehe and also your vn😁

When is the next update coming? I'm really excited lmao ;u;

When is wilfred gonna have a route


Is the in-game dev log accurate? I thought there would be Gil day 9 but there wasn't


Just wait. It should come by around late Jan/ early Feb!

Waiting for the mark dare scene

What's the six digit phone password ;) I need in that phone.

We still don't have that yet


omg I freaking love this vn it's my first one I hope the update comes sooner I love the story so perfect! ( And EVERYONE WANTS A GIL SMEX SCENE AAAAA )

It is coming.

Hey Andy I know you keep updating the game behind the scenes which is fine but I do have a question though could you give the option to disable QuickTime events because along the way I am afraid that eventually either I will get a new tablet and my old saves won't work at all or I will have to delete the visual novel in order to update it which makes me sad because the timing on some of those QuickTime events are really unforgiving and I really want to make sure that I have the maximum like to love ratio possible for all of routes if you don't want to I understand it's just really hard for me to do

I noticed error with marks portrait on day 9 for a few sentences it switches back to his hoodie I know it's a little weird for someone to respond to their own comment but just noticed it as I was reading today

For anyone going for Parker x Gil: You're cool, how about start writing your own fan fiction instead of waiting for others to do so? Seeing how destructive the fiction affected the canon lore would help you realize the only truth by then.


just wondering, what exactly is going on with the new routes? how would I access them

(1 edit) (+12)

I know recently there's someone who's been flaming me in the comment section (and discord) but let's not say names, ignore it and stay chill. 

I actually don't mind those "bad" comments, but only if it's constructive and not straight up insulting me as a person LOL. 

Criticize the work, not the person. That way I can improve as a writer.

Thank you!

By the way, what's the discord called???

i was trying to find the discord but i dindt find it and i tried to asking in twitter but i dindt get a answer

It's available for people who pledged in his patreon 

Hello, I wanted to know if the ninth day of Lars is already available?


Yes it's already there for...I think 4 months now?


I really love how the VN is going.

Excuse me, I wanted to ask if you know what the PIN of Mark's phone is?


(3 edits) (+5)

To Andy regarding Teddy’s route and the recent hate rampage from he who must not be named. 


I’ve recently read Parker's route last night, and I honestly see nothing wrong with it. I know the opinion of one person usually doesn't matter, but because of someonneeeeeeee (-_-) I feel the need to say this. From a reader's perspective, it's a nice look into Parker's past and who he was and still is as a person. For example in the main story, Parker seems to be in a better state of mind than he was back then. Him being self conscious about his weight being the main trait that carried over with him from the past. 

 There is also some nice use of rhetorical devices in the episode. The main one I noticed is repetition, with the repetitive use of multiple references to depression and acts of depression. Usually too much repetition can be bad, but I believe in a situation regarding depression (as this episode) it is used VERY well. Especially since depression can be a cycle of monotonous repetitions (speaking from experience). Like how Parker didn’t want to go out with Hendrik and then immediately regretted it. Or how Parker consistently compares himself to others, and how he can’t even look himself in the mirror. 

Although some may say that the Parker episode is “bad” I honestly think you did a really great job at taking a look at Parker's personal past and depression. The only thing I could see that was bad about the route is some grammatical mistakes but that's literally the only thing.


Thank you for being ten billion percent better than thou who shall not be named

What can we say to Andy's carefully selected loyal dogs? Andy's shit is sweet to you.

(1 edit) (+1)

I didn't see any loyal dogs here

The one I'm seeing right now is all bark and and no bite. Funniest thing is he share your name 

What a coincidence 


Get out of my replies you illiterate fuck.  LMFAO

I can't even begin to grasp what you're saying. Maaaaaybe you didn't like Parkers episode because you couldn't actually understand what it was trying to convey?


It started a few months back.

They complained about how Parker was the only one without any past relationships, and then complained when PE1 showed his past love life. 

They were reaaaaaally insisting on Parker x Gil, so they were malding that I didn't give them that in recent update. 

It's ironic they kept calling themselves Parker's "fan", yet they want me to delete him lmfao. 

What's their agenda, I wonder?

They wanted a Parker backstory and they got it. 

Just because two characters that you like aren't together doesn't mean the world is ending 😭


I think that if someone becomes that invested into fictional characters, they should maybe look into getting some sort of counseling. 

It's great if a story and its characters invoke strong emotions but in the end storyteller is at the helm and not the reader.

There's a difference between escapism and obsession - and it's not even that fine line. If the story and its characters are no longer enjoyable then the right move is to walk away from it, not to get obsessed over it...

(1 edit)

And your shit is tragic, monstrous, dreadful, ghastly, atrocious, appalling, horrendous, wretched, mediocre, idiotic and let's not forget, WORTHLESS, to me.

Now get your ass off our replies. Thank you ❤️


That's a great analysis you put up here! Really spot on.

There are some intentional grammatical errors I put there, for the sake of lore, haha.

LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORRRRRRRREEEEEEEEEE (definitely going to reread it now).


Hey Mr.Andy, I ain't gonna be a bitch like lance654. I only have a question and that's regarding the repetitive use of Mr.Parker. I know he's a main character but I don't really get why he's used that much in other people's plot. Most of the time a main character who you didn't choose would get a moment to shine in the game but would necessarily not be trying to interfere with how you're focusing on your love interest and the plot with them. It feels like you're watering him down which is sad because I like every character, except Mark. And could you please explain to me why I should like Mark because I have played every other person's playthrough and I still dislike that cat. If there is a genuine reason which will explain why you made the script for Parker that way just say it'll be explained later since this is the public chat and it's okay for us not to get spoilers since we haven't paid for the exclusive stuff on patreon. I hope you read this and have a happy new year 

Where do you play Mr. Parker episode... o.o? 


Its okay to not like a character like Mark Misty. At least you're being polite and honest about it. Unlike certain child named Lance

Thank you. Nice name by the way 😉


Thank you

You too


Well said, and LOL, real.

Thank you for your appreciation. If you are not a fan of Parker, please don't make your speech annoying. Besides, you haven't read Parker Episode. The original painter has left, and Andy and After Class have become a joke.


Even one so called Parker fans has left but he doesn't want to admit it and continue lurking here instead of having a life

So far he's doing a good job at being puta. 

I know this won't get through your empty skull which is more empty than the Sahara desert. But, what I say is to ask him to make Parker more unique and more lovable instead of making him luke warm. I have no favourites. I just want to see all of them have a nice plot and to understand the uniqueness of each character. If your dumbass can't understand plot, then go play dream daddy where everything is finished and you'll definitely end up with the person you chose. (I'm sure your ass would still complain anyways)

(1 edit) (+2)

It's mostly for the sake of continuity. 

Parker is MC's teacher, so it makes sense that he appears a lot. Episode Parker might give some clue why he appears a lot in other routes--it's subtle, but the clue is there.

As for Mark, there's no reason for you to like him if you don't. He's just written this way, it's my intention. So you either like him or you don't! 

I don't 🙂,  but thank you for replying about Parker. Now it makes more sense to me. Thanks and have a nice day 

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