Public version: Anders Day 8

Good timezone, everyone, andeh here! Hope everyone is doing alright! 

The long awaited update is here, I present to you: After Class ver. 0.8.50! Changes can be seen on After Class' Monthly Report with a few minor differences:

  • News are no longer present on title screen until further notice.
  • Difference in gallery screen.
  • Default variables have been modified.


What's included in this update:

  • Day 1 to Day 8 of the main characters, excluding Wilfred and Andrew.
  • Part 1 of Housekeeping update.

What's not included in this update:

  • Special Episode Lars.
  • Anders Episode 1.

Known error(s):

  • Side images will be jaggy and out of place due to the change of text interface.
  • Changelog screen on Android phones will cause an error, best to ignore it for now.


That's all we have for now, I hope you enjoy the update!

Thanks for reading!


After Class / Windows-Linux 865 MB
Version 0.8.50i Feb 18, 2022
After Class / MacOS 837 MB
Version 0.8.50i Feb 18, 2022
After Class / Android 867 MB
Version 0.8.50i Feb 18, 2022

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I hope one day I can see Lars' special, it must be very beautiful.Em


I was given different answers about this, so I still wonder
Will the Lars Special Episode ever come to public or it's only, only only for Patreon?
I need to know if I should pay or wait until the public update release

Check the gallery, the answer is there:

Yes, it's patreon builds only

Is it available for Playful Lion level or do I need to get a higher level?


Yes, patreon content is accessible to all patreon tiers! 

Deleted 2 years ago