Day 1 Fix

Hey everyone, andeh here. I just got back from overseas! Actually, it took me almost a month to realize that I made a major hiccup that renders the game unplayable after you've played day 2. Some of you might have encountered this error that force you to be stuck in the "Still in dev." screen. There's nothing new in this update other than the fix for that error. Sorry for the inconvenience.

I'm planning to add a new Android build for people who have troubles reading the text either from glitching or just not a fan of the font in general; so be patient, thank you!

Thanks for reading!


AfterClass-0.5.02-release.apk 351 MB
Version Itch-v0.5.02 62 days ago 390 MB
Version Itch-v0.5.02 62 days ago 408 MB
Version Itch-v0.5.02 62 days ago

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