Android version is disabled until further notice.

Hey everyone, andeh's here. After the release of 0.4.55, I've noticed a lot of errors in the Android version, one being the very unreadable text. It seemed like it's a phone related issue rather than the game engine itself (because it looked like the PC version on my phone, but on other phone the kerning was messed up.)

On that note, Android version will be disabled for download until that text problem (and the others) are fixed.

Thanks for reading!

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That's bad :( 

I'm only with cellphone recently. Hope you can solve that problem ASAP. 

Already wanting need content 🤣


I hope it gets fixed soon, since I don't have a PC rn. You could just leave it, though, since the only thing you really can't see is the current Day, but if you can't see a line of text, just go in the text log, and even there, the names of the characters who speak are messed up (in the text log), but it's still not a big deal.