New After Class build is up!

Hey everyone, andeh here. It's been a while since I posted anything here, not really! My internet had been dead for the past week and I couldn't upload anything on time, I apologize for that.

Well, without further ado, the new 0.4.55 version is up--yes, 0.4.55! We jumped from 0.4.20 to 0.4.55, that's 3 months of update at once! The reason I'm doing this is because of a compatibility issues. There's a lot of changes in this version, that's why it messed up the game code.

It's basically a v.5.15 but without the day 5 updates. Here's what's new:

When you hovered the choices in-game, the water animation will start playing.

Do you get confused when you're about to load your file because you don't know whose route it is? Same. That's why we have the route indicator now. You'll need to start the game fresh, though... As in playing a new game instead of loading your old saves.

Start paying attention to the character screen (especially Lars'), we've updated a lot of stuff as the game progresses! (Day 1 only, so far, will add more later on.)

Updated Day 1 story, new Lars' and Mark's character sprites. Though we still use the old sprites in day 2 and so on. Will make more changes later! And oh, it gets NSFW on day 2, so be prepared--at least when choosing Mark or Lars... but that's something~

Updated the click to start menu screen, with a neat new-ish music~

I think that's all the major changes. Because we updated the game to v.0.4.55 (Up to Anders route) which was supposed to be released in June; the public version update will be stopped temporarily and will be back in August, please don't forget about us!

As always, thanks for reading!


AfterClass-0.4.55-release.apk 351 MB
Version Itch-v0.4.55 May 08, 2019 408 MB
Version Itch-v0.4.55 May 08, 2019 426 MB
Version Itch-v0.4.55 May 08, 2019

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If anybody knows, are there any easter eggs when Mr. Parker asks you what you do in you free time and you pick other? Like, is there anything specific you can write to get him to react differently?


I just played through the update, on Lars' route. I liked the subtle changes, but (no offense, but) I didn't really like the new sprite for Lars, the one used in day 1. He looks way too bulky, and he's a lot cuter in the older style.

I'll never forget about you! Can't wait to see everything!!


I love It!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!