Major Announcement!

After I decided that I won't be able to draw the characters for After Class, I went on a search for artists who wanted to draw it for me.

Thankfully, I managed to strike a deal with Wolgen Sim! This will be a big step for After Class, finally!

Since I'll be commissioning him from now on, I'll start spending money on art. Don't worry, tho, that won't change anything: After Class will be forever free! Yay!

But it'd be great if you could help boosting the development of this game by sharing this VN to your friends or donate whatever amount you want when you download this game on

You'll also help me big time if you support me on Patreon!  Psst, you know, you can unlock more content by being a Patron, starting from $1. Psst psst, we're going to upload Gil's day 4 on Patreon soon.

Maybe I won't be able to upload as much as I hoped for, but I won't just take your money and don't upload anything, I promise. If I won't be able to post anything, I'd say it beforehand!

Thanks for reading!

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i like your visual novel its cute. i also like your art your drawing =D