Mark Day 3 Update / Announcement

Hello~ It's andeh here. Sorry I'm a bit late!

tl;dr: play the game, and start a new file if there's any errors in the game (recommended). I change the script often so it can get incompatible with the old saves.


First thing first, this update, like always, is a small route update, but lots of graphical change in current Patreon version (Gil's route) so I decided to make this one a major update.

  • I added two buttons on the bottom of the start menu, some people messaged me on Discord and Patreon that they had trouble finding my Patreon link, so here they are: two big buttons, staring at you guys every time you boot up the game.
  • Gil's music is now changed

  • Well, well, the burr has changed

  • Mark be like, "new phone who dis"

  • Still would let him touch my butt, by the way
  • Grumpy as ever, not in the game, but i have rough sketch for tiger boi

  • That's the best I could do, sir, please don't call me "moose less" ;~;

  • ...Okay, I feel like she's staring at me

<Sorry, I haven't updated Anders since forever ples forgive v.v>

Alright, that's all about graphic changes. I have a lot to change in game and both Patreon and Itch page, so bear with me.

And lastly, I'm just gonna copy and paste from Patreon:

tl;dr: we're reaching the goals soon, Gil's day 3 is unlocked for $1 patrons, next update will be a bit delayed, and i love you guys~


Hey, guys! So I noticed that we reached the $200 goal (well, it was, but it went back to $196 ish when I posted this). So I'll start uploading 2 routes next month (a.k.a January 2019!) if it stays $200 or more by the end of the year. 

After that, I'll set another goal so I can focus on the project full time and draw the CGs (or maybe I'll hire an artist to help me with that, we'll see.)

Since the previous Anders' writer left the project. Rex Mundane is going to be the new writer for Anders' route. He helped me with Mark and Gil's route, too. 

Here's a message from him:

"Hi again! I'm happy to be taking over our favorite shy bull's story, and I plan to give you guys a nice, simple story with him. Well, as simple as a young gay bull can be, anyway.  You will notice, as I'm sure you did with the route for Mark's Day 3, that my writing style and word choices are different from our dear Andy. 
I know that we have some people with English as their second language, so please let me know in the 'unpolished' version of Anders' Day 3 if I need to change both or either to make the update easier to read. I'm here to give you guys something fun, not a chore. Honesty is appreciated~  
That being said, I'm going to work hard for you guys!"

I'm excited and nervous because Day 4 will be released after Anders' day 3. We've come a long way, but we still have a lot ahead! 

I plan to end the game after day 31 and create a new project related to After Class, but that's for later~


Maybe it's a bit personal, but December is the month where I'm the most mentally unstable, so the update for Anders day 3 and Day 4 for Lars will be a little bit delayed. I can't tell you guys the details, but I lost someone really dear to me -someone really close to me, in December, more than 10 years ago. Hope everyone can understand that.

Another thing: the reason I asked you guys to share my page because I quit my job (well, more like forced to quit) months ago, so my only income is from Patreon. Then to make it worse, I got sick and my school were being completely unfair, recently I had to drop out of college because they made me repeat a year. I have limited time in here, and I'm trying to get out of this place as soon as I can, repeating a year is not an option. 

It's been really hard for me but I'm feeling a lot more better now! Someone dear to me helped me get back up, I wouldn't be here anymore if it weren't for him. 

I'm not trying to get some attention here, nor I expect pity party from you guys. I just wanted to share about what's been happening around me. Even though we don't talk that much (or at all) I feel close to you guys. Thanks for staying with me the whole time, you guys keep me going on. I can't thank you guys enough! (I'm emotional oh no.) 


But unfortunately, Itch version will be updated like usual, no two routes a month. 

I'm sorry please don't give me bad ratings ><

That said, I gotta run now, catch ya'll later~

Andy Peng


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