Parker's Day 3 Update

Hey guys, andeh here.

Mark's day 3 update is up on Patreon, that means, a new route is added on

I was desperate to change Mark's design so I couldn't wait for the next update and changed his appearance in this update.

Thanks for reading!


AfterClass-0.3.20-release.apk 351 MB
Version Itch-v0.3.20 Nov 06, 2018 330 MB
Version Itch-v0.3.20 Nov 06, 2018 348 MB
Version Itch-v0.3.20 Nov 06, 2018

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Hello! I just played the update and I REALLY LOVED IT!! Though it did seem a bit rushed compared to the rest of the game, there were some slip ups in the text, but that’s nothing. The thing that broke the immersion for me was the lack of models for some places, it just shows a ‘not found’ error instead of a location. I also am not a big fan of placeholder sprites that are obviously placeholders (aka Liz) but the content itself  was amazing and made me laugh a lot :3 Keep doing what you’re doing because I’m a big fan, though if you need more time to finish an update, I would incourage you to take it. The game is amazing and I can not wait for more :D take care!