Check this one out.

Hey everyone, it's me!

I know I'm late, but there's something I want to share with you guys, I'm not sure if it's working as intended, but feel free to check it out!

(Android version is on free on Patreon, just in case you want to try it on Android.)

QTE doesn't work, so don't download Android version.

Oh, right! Check this one out too: Secret Tape 03


:) - mac 100 MB
Nov 01, 2018
:) - pc 117 MB
Nov 01, 2018

Get After Class

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sooo why did Gil leave high school and started teaching in university?😋😋


I enjoyed it, that was a fun side thingy.  Thanks :D

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I really like this side story so far! But on android during the quick time event where you have to hit the q key it doesn't work the keyboard doesn't pop up or is this just me ?

Ah, yeah, that's the problem with the QTE on Android. When I have time, I'll try to do the coding and change it to swipe up, touch here, or anything.