Gil's update is here. Heh heh.

Hey guys! Gil's day 2 update is finally here. Here's what changed since the last update:

  • A lot of changes were made to the previous route.
  • Grammar mistakes are fixed!
  • Android version is here! You can now take your virtual furry bois on-the-go.
    • It might be a little bit buggy, especially the title screen. You have to touch certain parts of the screen to click the "start" button
    • Might run slowly on older phones.
  • Added new music.

Writing Gil's route is reaaaallly fun. As always, start a new file instead of loading old saves to make sure you won't be kicked out of the game randomly or getting crashes.

And thanks for reading, you can support me by sharing the game or consider being a patron on Patreon!

Files 245 MB
Version Public-v0.2.40 Aug 07, 2018 226 MB
Version Public-v0.2.40 Aug 07, 2018
AfterClass-0.2.40-release.apk 248 MB
Version Public-v0.2.40 Aug 07, 2018

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