Changes in the next update.

My finals started so I'm getting busier. Here's what to expect for the next update in several weeks (It's already applied to the Patreon version.)

I changed the title screen, instead of heading straight to the main menu, you'll see a 'click to start' screen.

The actual main menu will be shown after that screen.

Gallery will finally work, though we don't have anything in Event Gallery right now (No Event CG to be unlocked, that one is only a placeholder)

I updated the music room too!

And almost half of the crew got remodeled, they still retain the same pose though...

Check this video on my Patreon!!

I guess that's all for now, thanks for reading!

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love your video update pretty funny to watch, I love the change you added to your game I can't wait to see them, maybe you should get a cookie for all the hard work you did so far lol. P.S love the tiger.