Hey-ho, sea-dwellers!

Har, har, good timezone everyone, andeh here! It's been a while since I posted something on itch.io, and I wish you guys a good and enjoyable Valentine's day. Don't worry, I haven't neglected this project at all. I've been busy trying to catch up with life and work.

A lot of heated conversation has happened during my absent in the comment section and my DMs. I might not reply to each of them or at all, but trust me, I read them. I'm here to talk about piracy and unpackers, fasten your seatbelt, for this topic is one of many things that I don't want to touch, being a small game developer and also the one who does mostly everything for After Class.

I started making After Class thinking that I'll eventually release the game without any kind of copy protection or paywall; main reason is that I want this project (at least the main story) to be accessible for everyone because not everyone has the money to spend on some random furry game, (and that I don't know how to LOL.) It has always been that way and it will stay that way until it's done developing.

What I'm saying is that, if you are the one distributing the Patreon builds, especially the special episode, I don't know what you're benefiting from doing so, maybe popularity, maybe just because you want to that fat TikTok views, or even share your love with the world, I will never know. I won't blame you and try to put you in jail because of it. (I can't, anyway; what can a small game developer like me do?) 

If you decide to download the pirated version of the game, that's okay. I don't like that you do it, but I can't fault you for wanting to access what you can't afford either. As someone who grew up not being able to afford even a $10 game, I can totally understand why you do what you are doing, but please, if like what you see, please consider supporting me on Patreon or share the link to either the Patreon on this itch.io page (NOT THE -> PIRATED LINK <- I'D SHRIVEL AND DIE), every bit helps! 

What I'm asking is that, please don't unpack the assets and share the contents of it. Don't mess with the code and change/create a few dialogue lines and claiming that it's in the game. Absolutely don't claim that it's your game either. 

I've seen a lot of piracy in other games, if they can pirate and unpack some triple A games, I imagine pirating mine is a piece of cake. I've also seen how they try fighting against it, but I've also seen how people always find a way to bypass the system. It's not a battle that I can win; but hear me out, I don't think this is a battle at all; we can help each other out

I don't like you guys pirating or unpacking the assets, but I can't stop you from doing it. Just know that if too many people pirate the game and stop supporting me on Patreon or itch.io, it'll kill the game. 100% of the project's fund comes from you guys. You made this little project of mine happen, that also means you also have the power to shut this game down. Thank you for supporting me so far! For everyone who's RAGING because of the piracy situation, thank you guys. You guys are the MVPs, I love you guys!

In the end, this post was to address piracy and unpackers, but it ends up sounding like a marketing propaganda to pledge to my PATREON hint hint nudge nudge.

Oh also, happy new year and I'll update the game sometime within this month, bye bye!

Thanks for reading!

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WHy is the "pirated link" a link to your patreon post ? I mean it seems like your patreon I just got confused.

Hey andeh I just want to say visual novel is amazing I can't believe someone would pirate the patreon build I mean I hate that some of the game will always be unavailable to me but I understand that you have to be able to pay for the program to make the game and other stuff I just wish I could join your patreon but due to where I live there are rules that makes it difficult to do that

Question, when will the house keeping Come out here in itch? 


Sad to say i not enough money to support you andy.. But i believe of your kindness to the non-patreon readers to give us such wonderful story,, i really appreciate your works andy keep it up... I always  pray that u have in a good health 😇 


Im also looking forward for your big success in this game... 

Love you always😁😉☺️


Why not make the Patreon build available here for a few $?

Release the Patreon version for your backers, then about 1-2 weeks later (which is about how long it takes for a pirated version to circulate) release it here for like $5. (Alongside the free non-Patreon version)

That way those of us that want the Patreon version without wanting to be Patreons can get it, and contribute in our own way.

As it is, itch.io lets you contribute cash for the free version "Name your own price". 

The Patreons get the benefit of either paying less ($3) or paying more but getting more.

Those of us with disposable cash and ADHD (like myself) can contribute in our own way.

BTW, I say that as one of the filthy pirates who downloaded the pirated version and then justified it to myself by contributing $5 through itch.io using the "Name your own price".

Not cool, I know.

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Well, Patreon pledge starting price is already low as is. It's only $3, and once you pledged once, you don't have to keep pledging to access the current month's build.

All patrons get basically the same thing, regardless of the tier, the only difference is that some tier gets the build earlier.

That's pretty much what you're suggesting but less hassle on my end.

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Fair enough. You now have another Patreon member.


That really sucks. I'm no fan of stealing anything.  But these days seems like its vogue to have no moral compass., Especially checking comments. Sorry.


I don't know if this is a bad thing to do, but I personally like to pirate from from big and awful companies, like EA (because I'm not paying an extra $200 for Sims4 DLC) and then use the money I would have spent to support a game creator I like on Patreon.

Personally I try to not pirate anything. If I download any roms it is of ones that I already owned the game already and just wanna stream it for friends to see (example Legend of Dragoon for the ps1 streaming to a friend on Discord) , or to test the game out before buying it, to see if I would enjoy it. In that case I only play a short amount of time before I decide if I would like to buy the game or if I wanna just end it there forever. I don't support people pirating things in most cases, but I can understand why people would in some cases too.

Also I hope that I will have enough at the end of this month to resume my patreon support for you Andy. I will have to see when I get a hold of the tax return company again. Idk if I will be having to pay the government more than I would get back because my job screwed up and put me as exempt for fed tax for a couple months...


I'm one of those guys that will dig out every nook and cranny to find anything free (this here site and something called Epic games store). I'm happy with waiting for a free version or delayed update. Lucky me a lot of people do that, and a lot of these games are of great quality, like this one. 


Hi Andy. So far this VN is among my favorite. You really did a splendid job with the story and all the characters. Like the rest of us who really want to support you, I also planned to support you on Patreon but I'm just a broke student. Cuz $8 pretty means RM34 and I do not afford to do so YET. So I don't mind a long wait and I hope you are in a good health as well. 

Btw, I hope those who follow piracy will have bad karma as long as they keep following them. Take care!!


I don't like the idea of pirating, but I would only ever do that for a large title game which has already raked in lots of money, and only for the DLC, because I have done it once.  However because of how Steam works, I will be able to play that old game again AND buy the DLC properly this time.  At the time it was before digital purchases were a thing, so in part I didn't see a clear way to get them at the time ^^;


This game is amazing, thank you so much for all the hard work you've put into making it!


Thanks for this game too...I enjoy it very much, can't wait for next public update.

To Lars,

I like your style 😳, I like your class 🥵, but most of all, I like your arse 🍑 DING DONG 👁️👄👁️ .

That's all, thanks again


As patron... I am mad regarding about the leakers in comment section and tiktok... Like... bruh, keep it to yourself... if you're gonna post it, crop it heavily with absolutely no context at all

I bet the folks who pirated it feels so sorry right now... Or do they feel sorry, who knows?

But anyways awesome VN...

W content

W author

W characters


No matter how long you do it, I will support you in patreon until the end!


Whenever I have the money, I will definitely join the Patreon. I want to support creator like you (not only that, but I also think its because you absolutely deserve it!) And I feel sorry for you because there are people who is pirating your works. Come on guys, that's not cool ok? (including both who publish and download the pirated version) I hope this issue will stop, we need to support creator like Andy.


don't worry andeh, I don't plan on pirating this game and I'm willing to wait for as long as it takes, even so, once I get some moolah of my own, I might even support you directly haha, I'll always be cheering you on from the sidelines and whoever pirated it hopefully stops

once again, sleep, eat and rest well, especially when needed! hope you feel well
-Ayasaki Ace

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Oh Andeh...I will do good by you...ill make this up to you...ill try support you and to be your Patron whenever i can...after figuring about it...and you will always find me rooting for you and your project...to the end...#your audience and Fan


For people just to do that to your project that you put your heart out into making, it is just wrong. Really am sorry that this is happening and I will keep on supporting this game. Why? Because I love the story and how well written it is! I do know how it feels to barely have money growing up but never in my life would expect people to claim the game as their own and "tweak" with it without given permission to do so in the first place. Your work is a wonderful piece of art and deserves such more gratitude! You are by far the most (in my opinion) BEST visual novel maker I've ever seen! Keep doing what you love and don't let these people drag you down! 

Much love, 

Riku Big Tiger 🐯🧡


Jeez, some people seriously have no shame or sense of decency. You've put so much work and time into this awesome VN, and I truly appreciate you for it. I can't speak for others, but you still have my support. Even if links to Patreon content get leaked, I still plan to support you in your efforts to keep doing amazing work on this. Let us know if there's anything we can do to better support you, like reporting those that share Patreon content or unpackaged assets, etc.