Lars Day 8 Update / Monthly Report

Hello everyone, andeh here! First of all, I apologize for the lack of update last month, I had to balance the builds between Patreon and Public version. 

Without further ado, the build has been updated to 0.8.10, featuring Lars day 8 and two new guests character: Jake and Rook. Altho Jake's not available yet. You can meet Rook somewhere in Mark's route.

For changelogs, check our Patreon post here! Everything is the same except the Mark day 8 part.

Thanks for reading!


After Class / Windows-Linux 865 MB
Version 0.8.10i Aug 10, 2021
After Class / MacOS 837 MB
Version 0.8.10i Aug 10, 2021
After Class / Android 867 MB
Version 0.8.10i Aug 10, 2021

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Welp, just gonna wait for day 14 no matter how long it takes.

Needless to say I just despise cliffhangers when the good parts are coming up then abruptly ending - .-

Over halfway done Andy, hang in there 

^ w^

When will Mark and Gil day 8 be released?

ok wtf i see when u decided to go home early when u tlak with talbot, he really want to kill the prota? :0 because i feel so suprised when i see that ...

……What happened?


I really enjoyed the update, so i gotta say:

✨ Lars superiority ✨


I always look forward to your updates, I love all of the characters equally!


There's something wrong with traditional Chinese in the game. when will it be updated and repaired?

Deleted 2 years ago

me too lol 


Ummmmm... ok?🤨😐

Deleted post

Thanks for the update 🥺👍