Anders' day 7 update / June 2021 Monthly Report

Hey, everyone, andeh here! A new build has been added for public, and here's a somewhat detailed monthly report!


After Class / Windows-Linux 778 MB
Version itch v0.7.00-5i Jun 05, 2021
After Class / MacOS 743 MB
Version itch v0.7.00-5i Jun 05, 2021
After Class / Android 784 MB
Version itch v0.7.00-5i Jun 05, 2021

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Excuse me Andy why can't I change to Indonesian, even though the language is available, please fix it, btw I really like your game


Thanks Andy for all your effort, I hope that your personal issue have been resolve all ready (my best wishes). I can believe the news about Tora!!!!! Does he really will have his own route?¡¡ and Jake looks so cool, he will be dateable at some point?


so satisfying .... im kinda jealous though.... but no spoilers!... hah.... oh anders. my heart... why are you sooooo cute and hot as fck. and his such a caring bull... guhh.. my weakness..


Is Lars day 8 available for the public version?

sadly no ;-;


Will Jacob/Jake have a route?


Talbot do be looking fine doh


He’s less hateable now when he’s that hot, but Coach Gil is still for Walter