Update Report + Android Builds Delays

Hey everyone, andeh here! Been a while, isn't it? This update brings you what we left off, if I wasn't remember wrong, it should be Mark's update along with his Episode. 

Here's a somewhat detailed changelog/monthly report, also please check this out for Android users, it's important.

Thanks for reading!


AfterClass-Itch-v0.7.00-4i-mac.zip 570 MB
May 05, 2021
AfterClass-Itch-v0.7.00-4i-pc.zip 604 MB
May 05, 2021

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The delay is so long. When will the Android version be released

You could play the game in joiplay

what's a in joiplay?

its basically like an emulator but for VNs

oh where can i download it

So how do I download on android??????



Awwweeeeee no android T^T and also,WEMCOME BAAAAAAC finally mah fav game-

welcome back. i love mark's day 6&7!!!!!

Welcome back!


Weren't we supposed to get a day 8 for someone?

Yea I don't see a day 8 for Lars as well.

That's because Lars' day 8 is only on Andy's  Patreon currently. The recently released build here I believe is Mark's day 7.


Welcome back!!!


Welcome back Andy. One of the few VN i'm motivated to continue :)

Never realized how damn much I missed this one, heck your hiatus had been the one that jipped me out of the content I was interested in.  Given review of everything that has gone on in story, and fact of "spoilers" from the episodes, really renews my feelings of some sort of loose poly dynamic, even if its still unfeasible. They are all so damn hawt! O..O

Glad to see these updates and thanks for such a great VN!

A discord server for updates would be nice, other than that this is amazing.



Yes Welcome back and aww, guess have to wait for RenPy to fix it to able to make android builds

I think you accidentally made the patreon build for Mark day 7 and his episode available here for free before this update

(1 edit) (+3)

Nah.. i think he did it on purpose


glad to see u back!!!!!!