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where do i find the link to After class discord?

public version is dead? there are no new content since febuary. 

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there hasn't been a dev log since febuary yes but its still updating you just to look at the version number after you download 0.6.20 is parker day 6 and some of ep lars

okay quick question.

Did anybody else have a problem with Lars Day 7? Cause it started the intro for each day and a soon as it ended this popped up.

P.S. this vn is a-maz-ing! especially coach gil ;)

i dont think day 7 lars is out for public

I had finished his day six and it started the day seven intro and i was like what the hell?!?! And the problem popped up and i freaked.

Day 7 isn‘t released for public if u are playing on public. 

its really weird because the game was trying to pull up day 7 scripts even though it wasnt there

whatever though :(


Bro, where are the devlogs?

Yeah I thought the game hadn't updated since February due to a lack of Devlogs. I hope we get them again soon.


It said it was updated 2 days it for patreon or public?

what was added in this update?

What are this 2 Endings from Anders? I got this one where he wants to draw my 'likeness'.

Have someone Love Points with Mark?? The only Points I got was 54 Friendship Points with him. If u do how u got it?

Nope we can't get love points for now, but maybe in day 6.........?

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can you tell me what Day 7 is being developed ? and thank you :)

Anyone know where this song can be found?

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Not yet but it should be updated next month and who knows if it's gonna be Gil or Anders or Mark since their day 6 aren't release for public yet

Deleted 5 days ago

They are released in the same order than the patreon version so yes the next day is coach gil day6.

When will it come out?

Probably at the beginning of next month but i'm not sure

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What does he mean with touchy, touchy, in the last day with Coach Gil, he sleptover thats all. Have somebody triggered the touchy touchy version of the last day and if yes what happened I must know. I have with him 3 Love Points & 47 Friendship Points. 

I also had no iders.Maybe because I'm a Chinese ∑( ̄□ ̄)

Gil第五天的时候,那个地图选项出来时别选去操场,直接回家,然后会遇到Mark,后面剧情略有不同但是选项应该很好选,最后那个选项选“Make a joke”,然后你就能看到那段剧情了(ฅ´ω`ฅ)。






啊这,做饭那块实际上中间停顿的时候有一段QTE,注意得点了之后饭才能做成功,是和地图上的那种选项一样的ui(此处能够得到1点,奇怪的是目前公开版本似乎得不到这点,我晚上回去验证一下给你答复),make a joke选项之后其实就是那段剧情,要说touch的话实际上就是gil逗了你一下=.=,剧情略有不同而已(ฅ´ω`ฅ)。




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Deleted 8 days ago

Hey, in the day5 when you see a map with the options about where to go, just go home (don't go to the playground), then you will see Mark and the options next will be different. 

Finally you will get 4 love points and the plot will be a little different. 

BTW, in the last option, you must choose "Make a joke", then you'll see the touchy touchy part. : )

(Sorry if you don't understand what I mean, English is not my mother tongue.)

it all depends on what you do on day 4... I got 60ish friendship points and 5 love points.  By the end of day 6. 

Anybody knows on which day will be the new update released? 

Anders maybe ?

Don't really know but for day 6 we have anders mark and gil left then i suppose it will go through day 7 etc...

BTW sorry for my english i'm a french guy ;D

The next one is the day 6 of coach gil and for the release date ,updates usually come every month if there is no problems.

Deleted 10 days ago

the server isn't public anymore



I want to ask,how to romance coach Gil?

Even i have played it,but I'm just not sure whether i chose all the best answers.

Can someone help me?

(My mother tongue is not English,so I'll feel really  sorry if u guys can't understand what i meant XD)


1st day you go to the gym and choose the 2nd option

2nd day in shower choose the option with Gil

Then your on Gil's route ;D

I already knew about how to get start to Gil s route XD.I just want to know how to increase the love points properly.Maybe the“ Walkthrough”?Which helps me making decisions.(I really don't know if my grammar is wrong or not😔 ) Anyway,thx for replying me.I really appreciate it (Will i act too werid?Why i have this though hmm...Just excuse me hahaha😉)
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Well first of all my bad cuz i didn't quite catch the meaning of your question but not because your grammar is wrong haha i'm a french guy so please don't be mad at me~ 

Then to answer properly this time (i really hope so) :

  • You should see in gil's character menu the count of 'like' and 'love' point. Starting from day 2 try to choose all the different options and see if the like point increase or decrease (towards the end of day 4 pay attention to the points and a pleasent thing should start ;D). 
  • It will take some time of course and there might be one or two tricky options but overall it's not difficult. I did it this way and ended up with 49 like points and 5 love points at the end of day 5. I don't know if that's the highest you can go but i couldn't so......yeah.
  • Doing it this way might be wierd cuz you roll back to max out the points, but you can do it by guessing what Gil like the most : he's a coach to begin with so he like things that coaches like (that's wierd to say but idk how to say it otherwise :p).

With that i really hope it can help you out and if it doesn't then i can hide in a cave with a bear to wash my shame (oh hi there mr. Parker hehe...........) cuz i would not answer you question right for the 2nd time and..... kill me if that happens pls :D

Have a good day/night/time playing After Class/idk what ur' doin but have fun ;)

PS : I hope that my grammar is not wrong btw :)

PS 2 : here's a proof from my save with gil for the points



Ohohohoh,thank u verrrry much for took your time typing so much for me!!I even fall in love to u!(alright that's fake.hahahaha)

I'll never kill u even if these suggestions are useless😉

Actually I'm a Chinese,i can't understand well about English.So the most important reason why I'm going to play AFCL is to improve my English 

But i really really appreciate the help from u~

I don't  know how to express my gratitude.I'll read it carefully when i have time:P 

Thank you again<3

Oh,by the way.since I've heard the large number of patients with corona virus all over the world,are your country s situation well?

Wish u and ur family are healthy and safety,and don't forget to wear the mask in public~

PS:I've checked many times,maybe there won't be many grammar mistakes.okok I've told too much.


Hey there 

I'm happy you care about our health, we are fine were we are (cuz we're kinda parano for that matter), we are not confined anymore but i still can't go to work until june if things goes well 😔.... My sanity is getting crazyer every day but i still manage haha (THX VISUAL NOVELS FOR EXISTING !!!!). 

I hope you do well yourself wherever you are 😉

Oh and playing that kind of game is a very good way to learn english in my opinion. I'm french but i find it very easy to understand the conversations between the characters and the "thinking part" of Walter (because he like to talk to himself very often) as well as the overall story and explanations.

I probably should stop commenting because i'm taking over the comment section sorry everyone hehe :p    BE SAFE AND WASH YOUR HANDS


Can i ask what happened to the updates in this game? Don't get me wrong i will wait forever for this update, hell i will wait for years but i was just questioning. Is the Creator ok or is this game canceled? 

Oh, the game had been updated not long ago, but they didn't update the log....

(Sorry, my English is not so good, could you understand what I mean?)

Oh they updated this game? Which character did they update?

(Btw your english is fine. I understood everything.

It's Parker's day6

anyone ever thought abt how we'll be here for years before any of the routes gets finished lmao


"we can be friends forever"


Is it just me? Bc I can't seem to have the new update for parker, it still 0.6.10 for me


6.2 was updated but the develog hasn't been updated

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btw is it just me or my mac just don't want to load the 7th day for Lars

if so can someone help me out with this problem

that’s an error. Day 7 isn’t released yet. 



So...I got the game over screen :( u r mean dude, could have just put the text that it's not avaiable and then got the game to got back to screen like the other times 🤣

Anyway, the 7th and 8th characters are gonna be added after you finish any route? Curious to see how it goes. I saw that there's a way to know them through Mark will be the only way? At least didn't saw that in Gil and Lars route 🤔

Oh yeah, public build is very far behind... The typos and buts should be reported or u have already sorted the bugs of this version? Dunno if I should report and if should trough which means? 

I was seriously thinking it was some ET scenes or something supernatural in this part due to the colorful image  🤣🤣🤣

Ty for the game <3

you should just join their patreon already ;)


Ofc, u r gonna pay for me? 🤣

I mean why not? I’m already paying for it. Sure. ;)


That was unexpected lol

I'm feeling like the MC when ppl don't understand his jokes 🤣


hahaha yeah I’m too outspoken to be like the main character. 

Hey guys..can anybody tell me which character is updated next for this month?😅...


Okok...thanks dude

is the indonesian language is not available in android version? in the language option there are indonesian language but i can't click it.


Android version 

Lol man lots of new contents. Loving it hehehe. Even tho I installed the app again and I do miss a skip button to don't need to simply tap it as if in a clicker game ... Anyway, I'm having fun

And I'm playing it all over, redoing choices. I'm discovering lots of stuff this way :D things I had no idea previously haha and also which options makes the character of the route like you more 👌🏻

I played like Lars' and Gil's route and Lars Ep1 and I got ~42% game progress 🤣 I'm feeling like someone getting achievements in a game. Aiming to 100% - AS IF hahaha. Not gonna happen. I wonder who would get 100% when the game is done... Lots of replayings 

Just... I started like 10min ago Mark and redoing it I ended in Parker was very wtf. You will be able to change routes after the shower scene or is just in this specific case? 

I love how into this you are. Lol I’m the same but I had to pull myself away after doing all the routes. I got an 81% and made myself walk away. 

I think the way it’s set up, after the shower scene on day 2, your path is fixed?


I was thinking the same, but at day 2 when u get the choice to follow mark at the college entrance, I didn't and Parker appeared. I continued interacting with him and I got to day 5 as if in his route. Mark almost didn't even appeared. That's why it was very wtf 🤣

if you look at your menu screen (right click) you should see which 'bae path' (lol) you're on. So if you had a fun shower scene to Parker,.... it SHOULD still be Parker who is on the menu screen at the top. 

Here's something else that I noticed, in each of the route's there's always one other character that acts as a secondary character - I don't know if you'll be able to romance them at all, but they definitely come in 2nd place to the main person by day 6.

I think in Parker's route, Mark pops up quite a bit and his affection rating could go up to 20 something by day 6 -but parker's should at least be double that by day 6.

I've played this game way too much apparently. 

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ur almost a expert 🤣

im playing on android. In the menu it shows the face of who you're in the route of at the top. I didn't showed Parker the English room at day 1 so he wasn't an option at the shower, but by the way I said u, of not following mark, I was even able to go to Parker house but it still showed mark face at the top of the menu as if I was in his route. I also found that there's an interaction to see the 7th and 8th characters trough Mark route, but they're not implemented yet

And yeah, I didn't noted that until you mentioned it hahhaa 

Maybe u can love them too...or is it a prelude to a threesome? 🤣🤣🤣

On the first day you meet every love interest. But you have to say the right thing to them in order for them to be an option in the shower the next day. 

Once you choose someone in the shower... then that’s it! You’re stuck with them haha

When you mean the 7th and 8th character do you mean the sub characters?

hah I’d be down with mark and Gil. 


I can't believe that I was clicking like a freak for ages and there's a way to skip to the next choice😐 u just need to hold the skip button 

Hahahahahahahahahahaha yes... 


now you laugh at my expense? That's not funny. Ur gonna pay for it 😏🙃

uh oh. 🙂😇

U r really cute,to some extent😂

uh, thanks I think 🤣

If I'm really cute u could always buy me dinner :P 

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Just played the most recent version and WOW. The game changed a lot, improvement. Liked the new backgrounds. The mc kitchen is damn pretty. His college too. Also, he's now more sexy but still cute hahaha. I just don't liked Liz. I liked her art previously more :P

Oh, very interesting that you can play as the characters. Curious to see how it goes... And the fuck happened ages ago that seems to be commented at some points...also curious to see the pendant. It's said that they're a pair, but I dunno what type...if they're like those like half hearts, that complement each other or if they're just carbon copy of each other haha. And why Lars has it...

What that spark was supposed to be? It's when he gives back the necklace

Oh this ? appeared during Gil lewd scene and stayed there till I finished the route...

Oh yeah, Android version by the way

Hope you continue developing the game. It's becoming better every version ☺️

Waiting for the story development. And some lewd stuff too hehe

haha the sparkle is supposed to be the necklace. You can see what it looks like when you look at the mc’s profile pic. He’s holding it on a chain.

In the game trailer there’s an explanation that there’s 6 wayfinder compasses and that whoever has them will have their fates intertwined regardless of their distance.

And yeah I got that ? Mark glitch too. It seemed to happen only when I fast forwarded scenes a lot. 


yeah, I saw the necklace, but it doesn't shows the necklace or a chain, just stays that sparkle all the time. That's why I asked wtf was that 🤣

Didn't even knew there's a trailer of the game lol gonna see it later. And hmmmm 6 huh? Interesting. Was thinking it was just 2 of those necklaces

Thanks ☺️

Yeah after I cleared the demo I looked all over the game page for info lol. 

How to unlock Lars in the gallery?

Playing his ...dunno the name...special episode? In the main screen, there's the head of the characters. Lars one is orange or something like that. Tap it and start. U will unlock him in the gallery this way

Playing it, actually, not just starting haha

Hi guys! I’ve been playing After Class for a while now and got to the end of day 6 with my character hitting on Mr. Parker, but it seems that’s the end of it. I only get to play one day as Lars but I would like to continue with the main story. Is this a demo version or is there more to see? If so, how do I do it?

Thanks in advance! 

BTW, I love the story!

this is a demo, its updated monthly with 1 day per update. it gives each route the same day in a round and it wont advance to the next day until every character gets the latest one (idk if u can understand that, englishs not my best).

So, basically, I just have to play every route by choosing my ''crush'' at the beginning of day two?
What about the HEADS at the bottom of the screen? I could play one day as Lars, but the other characters are locked.

You can choose if you want to play every route in the game (specially now that we're on a public build hiatus lol) but what I meant is that the developers are updating the story of the game giving a single route a specific dayper update.

For example: Imagine they just added Lars day 7 but the rest of the routes stop at day 6, now for the next months they'll update the 7th day to all of the possible routes separately (Beginning month: Lars day 7, one month later: Gil day 7, two months later: Parker day 7, three months later: Mark day 7, etc.) and once every route has their own 7th day, just then we'll move on to day 8 and continue this cycle until the story ends at day 14. 

About the heads at the bottom... those are special episodes (not tied to main story) waiting to be added to the public version!

Thank you so much for the help Tazzz!



I'm absolutely loving Gil's route. In fact, I think it may be the best written one in a technical sense. This is especially when you consider how difficult comedy is, but you also succeeded at that while interweaving it with a story that how deep of a character the coach really is. Don't mind the Karens who can't check character ages, you've done a great job with him.


How do you get to play the Gil’s route? Thanks in advance


unlike the other routes, to get gils one you have to choose the second option, not the first

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What do u mean by that? i don't know how to find the second option..can u show me plz? And Gil's day 6 isn't out for public yet right?😅

When you first meet him, when he gropes your shoulder - you have to say "that's embarrassing!"

tip: right click the screen before and after saying something. you can check the affection rating for each character that is an option. 




You wrote a character who has, multiple times, SEXUALLY HARASSED the main character. I don't think I have to explain why this is bad. Also, consent is really REALLY important which obviously isn't inside the mind of the writer. I am enjoying the game, but I just really REALLY don't want to support a writer who doesn't mind having a MAIN-CHARACTER who is potentially either a rapist or someone who sexually harasses others.


I highly agree, and that's not even acknowledging the fact it's been happening since the Main Character was in high school. It isn't just sexual harassment. It is also pedophilia, and teacher-student relationships, which is illegal in a good amount of countries. 


I think the whole consent part is a bit blurred here. Whenever there is a teacher/student archetype in these stories of course it’s going to be a risky topic because of the implied abuse of power. 

That being said. I think calling a 25 year old hitting on an 18 year old doesn’t make them a pedo. 

Oh, the main character was 18?
I guess I should've read the story better then. Sorry about that.


I think when it comes to visual novels, there's certain morals /ethics that kinda get tossed out the window. it's a fantasy right? I mean, I don't know about you but there are no hot beast men in my city... In some of the other games I've played - there's way more issues with relationship/power dynamics that I definitely wouldn't be ok with *cough*DOZER*cough...

While age of consent differs from country to country, we pretty much all can agree that a teacher hitting on someone in high school isn't very good. Also, considering that the MC is 18 and it was said it was going for a few years which isn't very good. And, in the case where 'morals/ethics get tossed out the window' doesn't happen in many of the visual novels I've played, only this one. And it just doesn't settle right with me. If you've played a game where stuff like this happening with minors by a legal adult then maybe you should question the developer. I am also aware the age of consent in Japan (where I believe this takes place, correct me if I'm wrong) is 13, it still doesn't really make it right from a world viewpoint. 13 is young. Too young. I don't really know what I'm saying right now, sorry if this is hard to read or make sense of, I kinda jump between topics a lot and I'm sorry. Anyway, have a great day!

Also, your note about Dozer - EA is a great game, but I can't see why you make that comment. He is actually a sweet heart.

Yeah, I guess some morals do get thrown away.
But I don't think sexual harassment shouldn't be one of those.
Overage or not.

Also, I've never heard of Dozer, what is it?


Ok Karen.


Hi! That's not what this is about. I'm concerned about the writers POV on sexual harassment with minors which is a serious issue. Thanks!

Are you sure it was sexual harassment ? 

Yes. It has been mentioned a lot. Please take a look into Gil's route if you haven't already. Have a great day!

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So, I've been through Gil's route. I don't think it is sexual harassment. MC is clearly enjoying himself. I think he feels conflicted because of the Teacher/student relationship, and possibly homophobic, stigmata he could get, He states, multiple times,  that he enjoys the touching, so it is not unwanted/unwelcome physical contact. And Gil says he was just joking in high school. We also haven't seen everything since the route isn't completed yet, and we aren't shown all of MC's feelings and thoughts. One may get the feeling that MC doesn't have consent because he constantly tries to stop gil from touching him, but I think the writer is trying to show it IMPLICITLY that MC is indeed okay with it. Plus we don't entirely know society's norms and views on sensitive topics for sure in the universe of this game. These are all my personal impressions of the game and gil's route. I hope this helps.

Hey! It doesn't matter if someone is enjoying them self or not - sexual harassment is sexual harassment. That's like saying "The millennial wanted to die - they enjoyed it - so its not murder." And, given with what I've played thru, MC doesnt seem to mind what others think about him being gay. Again - if MC enjoyed themselves it still is sexual harassment given no consent. There is no consent stated. And, if you threatened to rape/murder etc someone over months and you went to court about it and said "it was a joke!"your not going to get off scott free. It still happened. While, yes the route isn't finished yet, the stuff that is out is what we should focus on. Because its available. We haven't been told that he has given consent. Thats mainly what I'm focused on. MC doesn't want Gil touching him. No consent there. Sexual harassment. It doesn't matter about the morals of that universe - because the writer is from here. Earth. Not the fictional world. And I'm gonna take a fat guess and say rape wouldn't be OK in this world. And if it IS ok, then the developer needs a moral check. Thanks!


The writing in this game needs a massive overhaul, mind my language but fucking hell why is it so bland and plain, every sentence is just so awkward and weird, not to mention you don't show us a lot of conversations between characters which makes ever single interactions soooooo god damn boring, and the character don't get me started on the that. This game HAS potential but right now it's just a mess, not a big mess just a mess.

P.S I don't hate the game (entirely) and I don't want to offend anyone. The art and backgrounds are nice , just the writing makes me want to throw phone across the room.


I'm actually having a ton of difficulty understanding this. Could you give a few examples? I just can't remember a time when I thought the same thing. There's been plenty of times where i've thought the opposite instead, never once thinking that a character was some sort of cliche in the way that there's your typical tsundere in anime or your every day Mary Sue in books. There's a certain scenario that I thought of as cliche, but even then, I figured that it was only cliche because there was no other way that scenario could've, or should've, gone. The scenario that I'm think about is from Gil's route, where Walter gets frusterated from practicing at the park. I'll have to play through the routes again to get a better analysis, but I'd love to hear further explanation.


I can't really explain it very clearly but here's goes there's a lot of moments where there should be like a conversation to help flesh put the character make them seem more realistic but then it just said "we talked a little and go", that frustrates me because of how much of them there are and I just feels like lazy writing. The characters are interesting why not take time to make the player understand and like them more. 

The dialogue is also every lackluster and definitely needs that extra twerking. 

I don't hate the game I just don't like the writing which makes it hard to like the characters.


I feel like that might be because the routes only have about 5-7 days in them (depending on patreon or not). This is technically Walter's first time meeting all of them, where as most visual novels have their characters as already established friends, or just have a lot of time skipped (Adastra), so they have a lot more groundwork to do for themselves. The only one that isn't a complete stranger is Gil, who Walter had actively avoided for the most part in highschool anyways. What character developement there is are more like hints, not life changing revelations. It's waaay too soon for that anyways. Gotta get invested in the characters before they start talking about their childhood traumas. 

I feel like it also might be dependant on just how into the story you can get. Which depends on personal opinion.

I'm curious as to whether or not you have a specific visual novel in mind when you talk about good dialogue. What would you say is a good example of a game who does dialogue well?


A few of the ones I've has some pretty good dialogue, my personal favorites are Tennis Ace and Password. Both do an amazing job of building character and make you genuinely like them flaws and all, especially Tennis Ace.

Those were the ones I had in mind too actually. I think it might have to do with how the other characters actively interact with eachother rather than just talking to the protagonist. Allows a lot more options and opportunities to show different sides of characters. Even after Tennis Ace's prologue/Yuuchi route, the dialogue between just Yuuichi and whoever you pick is still pretty good (although I still struggle to play any route other than Shuichi's. Guilt intensifies every time he comes on screen.)

I very much look forward to Password's development. Murder mysteries are my favorite genre and I went three days doing nothing but just playing Password.

I think Repeat also does fairly well, although it IS a bit of a mess. It's not so much consistent as much as it's funny and interesting to me. I love the concept of the wishes and what type of tragic back stories the characters have.


Maybe if you want something that's faster paced, try Extracurricular Activities. 

I think the pacing in this game is done quite well so far, and there's a pretty decent structure in the writing so that the paths and events have consistency. 

I agree some moments just throws structure and consistency out the window. The pacing is also a mess sometimes it just throws things at you and sometimes it's "what the what is happening?"

I have played EA longgggg before I even try this game out and I don't really thing the pacing is that fast but not slow either maybe somewhere in the middle.

I’ve played a couple of other games like Nekojishi and EA pretty heavily so those are my only real frame of reference here:

I think it depends on the characters you go for, the pacing has to vary according to .. how “hot and heavy” they are for you (for lack of a better term) some are more prone to it because of their implied history and character. I won’t spoil anything in case you haven’t played the other routes yet. But certain characters can get extremely high ratings with you by the end of the 6th day while some others, not as much given their personality.   And yes, this is totally my take on the game. I haven’t interviewed Andy or anything lol. 

All things considered I really think Andy is doing a solid job with the structure/direction/plot with these characters. I think it also helps he has an editor(s?) Because not to throw shade but there are some serious writing gaps in the other games I’ve played... and I wish I could help them out.

Also I’m totally open to hear any recommendations you’d have for something with more consistency/pacing and or structure. I need new games to play at work haha!

Tennis Ace definitely Tennis Ace loveable characters, great writing and I can gush about the game for hours if I can. Also Password is great too if you want to check it out.

thanks for the recommendations. totally checking them out.


I never expected the main character to be this f***ing hot o.o

He is so hot and he acts pretty cute, the perfect kind of guy <3

This is a cool Game Just finished the Own Player Route ? I call IT Like that but Anyways this is a cool Game I will Play IT rhrough and then be a Good pup (Sorry for that) and wait for the next Update


haha they really took some time for the new update...

almost 3 months..

the game is being updated monthly in the patreon version. i dont know why they arent updating the public one but oh well... the official accounts last tweet was on march as well


yah.. maybe it's because of the virus that they can't take priority of the pub. build

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Update 6.2 (the current public update) is Mr. Parker day 6.

This day was already up

Im confused abit, is only lars's day 6 for public only, and the others are for Patron only, Pls help me ;-; 

It just updated three days ago.Anway,I have the same problem with Lars day7 XD

Wait 7 days lars?, i think public version only 6 days :v

Omg, actually I'm not the only one with Lars day 7 problem! The history is going amazing! 

Btw, bro ur VN is amazing! Hope u can finish it soon! Take care uwu.

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