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game has scenes porn?

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I wonder is there a way to update the data while playing the new version? How to save my data when updating TOT

so far so good, I really like it. make some saucy and juicy day 5 all of them please! and its......... i can't wait! 


It's a shame that Mark got buffed up. I just can't imagine an absolute unit like that would run around the park. I enjoyed his hyper nature. I understand that it was supposed to be an improvement though, I follow your twitter! 


What routes are fully playable

an error screen comes up when I try to save my progress

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Also Mr. Parker doesn't seems to be chubby/overweight anymore.

Does he and Coach will still complain about his weight?

What I was hoping to see with Mr. Parker uptade #'-'#


Right? Mr. Parker is cool, sure, but I like him all shy and chubby looking from before. He looks to too fit, like he really got slimmed down a lot.

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 When protagonist called Lars "dad", that got me hard. He sure has this kind of vibe: protective and mature. Now I want the protagonist calls Lars "Daddy" T-T

Although I think some of the characters ages a little too unsettling, like Lars and Mr. Parker. They clearly don't look like 28 years old, SPECIALLY Lars (he looks like a "real dad", like 35 years or more; don't get me wrong, I way like more mature partners). Coach sure does looks like to have 28 but Mr. Parker seems to have more than 30, though Lars seems to be the oldest of all.

I'm saying this because I didn't agree with how Mrs. Parker knows little about now-a-days technologies. I was a 90's kid and I will complete 27 years this month and I'm pretty sure knows how to use a phone, to know what's a Uber and such, because I grown up with this technology advance. My first phone was that hard-to-break Nokia, and after a couple of years I got my first smarthphone, with screentouch and such, right after I got 18. So It's very hard a 28 years old person today NOT TO know any of these. My dad has struggles with his phone and other stuffs but because he's 64 YEARS old. He was a 50's kid! That's another point that I think the characters ages are not too well settled and their technology's knowlegde (at least Mrs. Parker's; he needs to be WAY older to not know any of this).

I'm not THAT old you know hahahaha xD

I'm "into stuffs" too x'D

Anyway, just for you to think about it. Hope you get my observation with care. I'm loving this game, specially Lars #^-^#


I agree, their age needs more fixing. They changed it but only by 3 years more. Lol I really wanted lars to be daddy type as well. It doesn't make sense.


The way he pets your head... the house-wifing... grocering...
Please be my daddy, Lars T-T


Hopefully one day we get daddy lars. T.T </3

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On anders route I see that you used the wrong word and said "He pouted him lips and started eating his food"

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Hnnnngh I need action >.< Loving Lars and  Coach 


im so pleased with the game so far i need more of them all, i love lars, and mr.parker the most. cant waight to see what you do next


Hey everyone, we just updated the game to v.0.5.10, it should fix most (if not all) of the sprites switching back and forth!


Hey do you have a page where people can give notes such as switches between the new and old sprites?


I am really curious about the coach, it is really hard to download the game in China, but I will study abroad in  few days. The version I got is the old one, and I wonder does the character design about coach change? If It has changed , It is really a pity for me . But I still love the game,If I have chances to participate the patron when I am abroad and familiar with the approach of paying I will do it .  Thanks for the staff so much ! Maybe I make some mistakes in grammar or spelling and I am sorry for that.


are you having issues with day 5 parker


hey does anyone know if there is any character has a full story or longer then coach gil

Lars just got a new full day now


On the android v2, I keep getting this glitch/error in the code that makes the chracters switch to the old art from the new ones after only a few minutes. Anyone know a solution?

Anyways, the game's great so far! Keep it up!


Is this going to get updated at all we are 2 updates behind like come on


be patient dude

I am unable to get to day 4 of Lars's path. It shows the words "Day 4", and then when I try to continue it does an exception error that can't just be ignored to go further. Is there any way that you could fix this for the general public, Andy Peng? I would gladly be a patreon supporter but I am running very low on funds per month and getting less and less hours at work. I like the story so far and would love to see more!


I messaged you the code in the error on twitter. hoping you got it.

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i hope the public update will start soon icant wait for gil day 5

Me too Dude :')

I have a question, will the rest of the days in the game are gonna be paid or are gonna be free later?

 Excellent story by the way, I loved it.

Idk why but I like more old draw style.May it was terse and the saturability no so high.First I only wanna play  lars lines,but no more ,so I choose coach.This is problem,whhy you always give me the bad news about Lars to break my heart!Well,but I can't like this game more.

And another question comes.If i download the day 5 how can I install to save my archives.


If I understood you correctly, just don't uninstall the game, you'll have your save files.


 Hello I do not know if this error only happens to me or is the android version

Your phone isn't compatible, either play the PC ver., or wait for the Android v2 build.

Thanks i played The pc versión and i like The game so far is very good keep doing a very good job


Jeez i love the new art style on the Characters! I mean the ones before were amazing but jeez they look great!

I can't install the android version. Not the update,  not deleting the game and installing from the new file.  How can I play?

what android version are you using (Android OS not the Game)?

does anyone know how much ram is needed for this?


I think you need to modify the text when you choose Coach Gil's route, since you haven't "just met" him.

I'll update it later because i have my own projects but this is so amazing!

I want to know how it started for you:
Where you alone on this project when it started and how did it started?

I ask that because i'm also making a VN but kind of disoriented on how well people will receive it.

Totally all by myself until half of the day 3 where I started to form a small team.

How did it start? I wrote it on my Patreon page. 

tl;dr, school project.

When come the next update.


Mark is hot, I can't get enough of him uwu

Umm, I have a question, how often do you update? Just curious.(○゚ε゚○)

You changed the words to the wrong places. The meaning you want needs something like "...people that usually come here are missing".

Gil last update day made me want more...that ending with some intensity...hehe.

Tough,found a typo in Mark route. The repetition of "have",seems like a extremely serious case of stuttering. 

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Uh,is that still our alphabet? I tried zooming in and didn't understood a thing. That's Day 1 android version. I choose to help Parker.

Found another typo. It should be "to se him" instead of "too see him".

Here was supposed to be "too close".

I wonder how would be his reaction of you groped him back 🤔. Do you plan on putting a option like that in the future?

He fidgeting when answering about what he does when it's raining makes me thing that his workout is actually jacking off. ☻

Another typo: when coach goes home and you goes to drink your milk,it shows something like "you opened the fridge and grab the milk". It should be "opened and grabbed" or "opens and grabs",not mixing then. One is present and the other past.

In Android version,some little phrases (murmurs) are too little and too close,some weren't possible to read even with zoom,like this one.

This seems more something like Arabic than English lol.

That "and scanning" is weird. Or remove the "and" or change to "and scanned".

You should be surprised that Parker knows where you are going after class instead of acting like it was just a matter of course lol.

The talk with Anders at Bublix in day 4 felts very unnatural. I choose to don't sit with him,so I basically was supposed to only know his name,it was weird that the main character was so friendly to him,more so when Anders isn't the talkative type with people that he doesn't know - I think even with people that he knows,tough 🤣.

The game needs a dictionary to this new idiom that appears sometimes 🤣🤣.

This spot is so suggestive ☻🍆🍆

I think he only has one heart,so here should be "your heart was beating too fast!".

That part really got me surprised. I was thinking there would be something hahaha.

I like the way how you hide those easter egg in the game, They are amazing. Especially the news report that related "Lagoon Lounge" and the "hidden" soundtrack of "Morenatsu" ,that make me smile at night long.

Please make this game on STEAM once it finished! I love this game so much and I wander what will happen with Lars and Mark! Please Please Please! STEAM is almost the only hope of Chinese gamers who play games with 18+ contents! 

Will this game be on Steam? I don't have credit card but I can buy games on Steam via Steam Wallet code

Due to the nature of this game, it's not possible to release it on Steam. We'll probably make patches if we want to release it there.

someday the game will be free? you know, the full version without pay $

bg images unlockable yet, becase i havent unlocked any. just want to make sure im play properly or not 

The game looks nice but the texts on the android version is glitching and unreadable :(


We're releasing a v2 of the Android build for people who has the glitch, please be patient!

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