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I like the story it's really great

Finally, a game that won't blow up my graphics card

OH and when is the Parker Update due...just asking because I'm kinda low key

I love this game...its amazing just cant wait until the MC and Parker get together finally!!! It kills me that i have to wait for the Parker/MC story is finished and ready.

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MC is very dense its fine but boy is he dense like neutron star dense

Love the story so far keep up the good work :)


Why you guys don't to complete one story by one story to accelerate the game? Others games already did this

They could but after all, the creators alone will decide on their pace of work, rushing them is never good.

Yeah... like all patreon projects

Honestly, working on a one-by-one basis won't make getting those new content patches out any faster than they would this way in my humble opinion.

Better them work this way than not working at all.

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And people who like (insert character here) wouldn't get their fav character's update if we focus on one route. And they are related to each other, too.


I noticed there were a CG unlockable on Lars route... i never were able to unlock it. Have i missed something?

I noticed the same thing. Want to know how to unlock as well

Same here

Lars Episode 1, next update on Patreon.


Hey everyone, I don't really check page that much since we're focusing on the Patreon version, so if any of you have some questions for me, kindly join our Discord server! There's almost nothing there, but I can answer your question easily such as:

  • Why are they so young they don't make any sense
  • Why is Mr. Parker tech illiterate
  • This game has porn??

and etc.

Make sure to mention me or i wouldn't read fast/at all. I have my notifications turned off.

ok so i keep getting this error code for day 5 with gil. it wont continue and that kinda pisses me off after i just spent like 2-3 hours playing this game only for it to bug out and not let me continue. it was good until then.


well, because there's no day 5 of Gil on itch, yet.


Hi I would like to report a lot of mistakes, on the road of Coach Gil, especially at the house of the character. The last statement appears on day 5: ScriptError: could not find label 'gil_day5'


I got that problem too. Im a bit worried cuz i love Gil😄

Me too :3

No Gil's day 5 for now.

Ok :)

I have some errors during all the game, is that normal?

Cause before the last update it wasnt like this. Now i have tons of textline errors and its sad because i just LOVE this game

Most of the errors are failure to find the living room images. All the art was replaced, so my best guess is he just mistyped the new file name or something like that.

That's right, although we have fixed it yesterday.

Thanks for replaying and thanks for fixing that, this game will go really far and im waiting to see how it becomes popular :)


Also Mr. Parker's still too young to be clueless about technology. Really, I wouldn't mind him and Lars being over 45 or 50. They sure look like 45-50. Though Coach Gil looks 29 just right.

I noticed there's an option for Japanese language for the game. How's it doing?


We haven't translated the game (even tho the option is available). We're just waiting until the main game's finished.

Right. I just wanted to ask if when you starts to translate for Japanese, it would be possible to add Furigana? I'm learning Japanese and I'm using games to pratices after studying, but there's very few games that has Furigana's suport and for a beginner, it's very difficult.


there are a lot of errors that occurred in all of the routes in this new update. A lot more than I recall there being in the previous update.

Due to renpy's packing for android files, a lot of BG got squashed (as in not renderable) but we have fixed most of the errors, including the Living room error.


Bruh this game shouldn't have low ratings such as ☆☆☆☆☆ (99)

it should have way more dude I feel in love with this game I know how good it is 😤 where is the high ratings this game deserves?


Ratings don't really matter, as long as you guys enjoy it, it's fine with me~

:') I do enjoy it that's why it deserves more love and support  more ratings are needed


The new models means there's a lack of expressions and emotes. I really liked Parker's -^- face and Mark's concerned face. Taking these out make the game feel really 1 dimensional and inhuman.


I'd love to see some more expressions ☆▪☆ on Lars and coach Gil all pf them in fact


We do have expressions for the characters, but we're waiting until we've finished drawing all of them.

omg I can't wait to see then when their finished ofc keep up the good work :0 thanks for the information 

I hope you guys can add a character customization option so we can choose our skin tone for our fur choose what animal we want to be like wolf bull bear dog tiger or lion and choose our eye color like yellow and plz add we can choose our body type like buff like coach Gil other than that this game is fucking amazing I loved it even though it's just a demo but this is worth it keep up the amazing work on this game it's so addictive man


Hm, character customization is neat and all but it doesn't really fit here because it's trying to tell a story and to change the main character changes dialogue and immersion.


tbh I don't really care about character customization I just want to make the wolf buffer that's all cuz I'm fine with how he is

I would prefer the main character being ambiguous, or being human. Not that I like humans but I would feel more related to the mc than him already in a pre-stablished species.


making the main character being ambiguous will make all the storyline fuzzy and there's a lot of scene that needs the MC being non-ambiguous.

plus us developers doesn't like the 'self-insert' thingy in VNs


Sorry. but that's not gonna happen anytime ever ^^'

hey how do you get to day five with Lars on android?


game has scenes porn?

Not yet I hope :3

hey how do you get to Lara day 5 on android?

It has pornographic dialogue

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I wonder is there a way to update the data while playing the new version? How to save my data when updating TOT

so far so good, I really like it. make some saucy and juicy day 5 all of them please! and its......... i can't wait! 


It's a shame that Mark got buffed up. I just can't imagine an absolute unit like that would run around the park. I enjoyed his hyper nature. I understand that it was supposed to be an improvement though, I follow your twitter! 


What routes are fully playable

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As far I can tell, none. But Lars has an additional day with the build's last update.

EDIT: Not that you can't play the rotes. Yes you can. It just that they're not completed yet.

an error screen comes up when I try to save my progress

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Also Mr. Parker doesn't seems to be chubby/overweight anymore.

Does he and Coach will still complain about his weight?

What I was hoping to see with Mr. Parker uptade #'-'#


Right? Mr. Parker is cool, sure, but I like him all shy and chubby looking from before. He looks to too fit, like he really got slimmed down a lot.

yes they do indeed

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But he's not that fat anymore

I wish he was like the example T-T

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 When protagonist called Lars "dad", that got me hard. He sure has this kind of vibe: protective and mature. Now I want the protagonist calls Lars "Daddy" T-T

Although I think some of the characters ages a little too unsettling, like Lars and Mr. Parker. They clearly don't look like 28 years old, SPECIALLY Lars (he looks like a "real dad", like 35 years or more; don't get me wrong, I way like more mature partners). Coach sure does looks like to have 28 but Mr. Parker seems to have more than 30, though Lars seems to be the oldest of all.

I'm saying this because I didn't agree with how Mrs. Parker knows little about now-a-days technologies. I was a 90's kid and I will complete 27 years this month and I'm pretty sure knows how to use a phone, to know what's a Uber and such, because I grown up with this technology advance. My first phone was that hard-to-break Nokia, and after a couple of years I got my first smarthphone, with screentouch and such, right after I got 18. So It's very hard a 28 years old person today NOT TO know any of these. My dad has struggles with his phone and other stuffs but because he's 64 YEARS old. He was a 50's kid! That's another point that I think the characters ages are not too well settled and their technology's knowlegde (at least Mrs. Parker's; he needs to be WAY older to not know any of this).

I'm not THAT old you know hahahaha xD

I'm "into stuffs" too x'D

Anyway, just for you to think about it. Hope you get my observation with care. I'm loving this game, specially Lars #^-^#


I agree, their age needs more fixing. They changed it but only by 3 years more. Lol I really wanted lars to be daddy type as well. It doesn't make sense.


The way he pets your head... the house-wifing... grocering...
Please be my daddy, Lars T-T


Hopefully one day we get daddy lars. T.T </3

Deleted post

On anders route I see that you used the wrong word and said "He pouted him lips and started eating his food"

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Hnnnngh I need action >.< Loving Lars and  Coach 


im so pleased with the game so far i need more of them all, i love lars, and mr.parker the most. cant waight to see what you do next


Hey everyone, we just updated the game to v.0.5.10, it should fix most (if not all) of the sprites switching back and forth!


Hey do you have a page where people can give notes such as switches between the new and old sprites?

Discord server!


I am really curious about the coach, it is really hard to download the game in China, but I will study abroad in  few days. The version I got is the old one, and I wonder does the character design about coach change? If It has changed , It is really a pity for me . But I still love the game,If I have chances to participate the patron when I am abroad and familiar with the approach of paying I will do it .  Thanks for the staff so much ! Maybe I make some mistakes in grammar or spelling and I am sorry for that.


are you having issues with day 5 parker


hey does anyone know if there is any character has a full story or longer then coach gil

Lars just got a new full day now


On the android v2, I keep getting this glitch/error in the code that makes the chracters switch to the old art from the new ones after only a few minutes. Anyone know a solution?

Anyways, the game's great so far! Keep it up!


Is this going to get updated at all we are 2 updates behind like come on


be patient dude

I am unable to get to day 4 of Lars's path. It shows the words "Day 4", and then when I try to continue it does an exception error that can't just be ignored to go further. Is there any way that you could fix this for the general public, Andy Peng? I would gladly be a patreon supporter but I am running very low on funds per month and getting less and less hours at work. I like the story so far and would love to see more!


I messaged you the code in the error on twitter. hoping you got it.

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i hope the public update will start soon icant wait for gil day 5

Me too Dude :')

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