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Jeez i love the new art style on the Characters! I mean the ones before were amazing but jeez they look great!

I can't install the android version. Not the update,  not deleting the game and installing from the new file.  How can I play?

what android version are you using (Android OS not the Game)?

does anyone know how much ram is needed for this?


I think you need to modify the text when you choose Coach Gil's route, since you haven't "just met" him.

I'll update it later because i have my own projects but this is so amazing!

I want to know how it started for you:
Where you alone on this project when it started and how did it started?

I ask that because i'm also making a VN but kind of disoriented on how well people will receive it.

When come the next update.


Mark is hot, I can't get enough of him uwu

Umm, I have a question, how often do you update? Just curious.(○゚ε゚○)

You changed the words to the wrong places. The meaning you want needs something like "...people that usually come here are missing".

Gil last update day made me want more...that ending with some intensity...hehe.

Tough,found a typo in Mark route. The repetition of "have",seems like a extremely serious case of stuttering. 

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Uh,is that still our alphabet? I tried zooming in and didn't understood a thing. That's Day 1 android version. I choose to help Parker.

Found another typo. It should be "to se him" instead of "too see him".

Here was supposed to be "too close".

I wonder how would be his reaction of you groped him back 🤔. Do you plan on putting a option like that in the future?

He fidgeting when answering about what he does when it's raining makes me thing that his workout is actually jacking off. ☻

Another typo: when coach goes home and you goes to drink your milk,it shows something like "you opened the fridge and grab the milk". It should be "opened and grabbed" or "opens and grabs",not mixing then. One is present and the other past.

In Android version,some little phrases (murmurs) are too little and too close,some weren't possible to read even with zoom,like this one.

This seems more something like Arabic than English lol.

That "and scanning" is weird. Or remove the "and" or change to "and scanned".

You should be surprised that Parker knows where you are going after class instead of acting like it was just a matter of course lol.

The talk with Anders at Bublix in day 4 felts very unnatural. I choose to don't sit with him,so I basically was supposed to only know his name,it was weird that the main character was so friendly to him,more so when Anders isn't the talkative type with people that he doesn't know - I think even with people that he knows,tough 🤣.

The game needs a dictionary to this new idiom that appears sometimes 🤣🤣.

This spot is so suggestive ☻🍆🍆

I think he only has one heart,so here should be "your heart was beating too fast!".

That part really got me surprised. I was thinking there would be something hahaha.

I like the way how you hide those easter egg in the game, They are amazing. Especially the news report that related "Lagoon Lounge" and the "hidden" soundtrack of "Morenatsu" ,that make me smile at night long.

Please make this game on STEAM once it finished! I love this game so much and I wander what will happen with Lars and Mark! Please Please Please! STEAM is almost the only hope of Chinese gamers who play games with 18+ contents! 

Will this game be on Steam? I don't have credit card but I can buy games on Steam via Steam Wallet code

someday the game will be free? you know, the full version without pay $

bg images unlockable yet, becase i havent unlocked any. just want to make sure im play properly or not 

The game looks nice but the texts on the android version is glitching and unreadable :(

Oh man these new sprites :drool:

Parker is so handsome!!!!!!


Just seeing the new updates without being able to play as there's no android update till the problem is solved ヽ(≧Д≦)ノ

Android ver. is up

Thanks. Was really curious to see what's new and play :P


This game has developed so much!! woooaaaaahhh!!!

Deleted post

Definitely not! We've updated the age to a more appropriate one in the Patreon update.


Hi, does the game include NSFW cgs?

Not in the moment, I think. But they will be soon added (at least this is what the creator said on Twitter :P).


Personally, I love the new Lars sprite. Such a big guy!

is there any order in which the updates come out for the different characters?


If anybody knows, are there any easter eggs when Mr. Parker asks you what you do in you free time and you pick other? Like, is there anything specific you can write to get him to react in a certain way?

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There's always an error that pops up every single time I played this game,it says that something is missing like the image. 

please help me

if its the background image, then that just means they haven't put one there just yet.

Ohhh thank you I thought it was my phone lol

That happens when there is no background image for a certain scene, which means that the creator didn't implement it yet. When it gets added in a future update, there will be an image.

Thank you so much for a new update, it’s funny how when I started to feel down I got an update for this game, I’ll play it when I get home and see the new updates ❤️

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I really like this novel so far but the only thing I think should change is the characters age. Coach gil is way to young to have been the mc high school coach. Also to become a gym coach you need a bacheLors degree or a major in physical education. I feel like he should at least be in his 30s. Lars looks middle age and in the story it also made him seem like he is middle age. I was shocked when I found out he is 26 as well. Changing this I feel like will make the novel more realistic and also fit the characters.


i agree, i mean i felt the same with parker stone too. he looks around late 30s to mid 40s but surprised he's actually late 20s...wat lol.

so what route was updated?

wow, i just played this game and felt so emotional, thank you for making this, i went through mr parkers route and the music with the dialogue had me very emotional and fell involve with the game and lost touch with reality until i finished it, thank you for brightening my week

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"Queendom Hearts"... Wow... I have no words... LOL

Does anybody know when the next Coach Gil public update comes out? What about Lars and Mr. Parker?


I see a lot of potential in this VN. I instantly fell in love on Lars new ver. design. Now he's an actual dad now. But I got a question, how many days does it take a single day in After Class to release? Sorry for my bad english because I'm like you, english is not my native language too.


There will be at least one update per month, according to Andy himself.

Hey Andy, I forgot to get a screenshot of this but, on the Android version of this vn, it does not display the text right, instead of going horizontal like it should be so we can read it, it is going vertical so we can't read it, again, sorry that i forgot to get a screenshot of the problem

That happens to me too, the Day X thing is always broken, and some text lines are broken too. Either all the letters are inside each other, or they go vertical like you said. You can still read these lines in the text log, though.

The  OST  in  it  are  quite  amazing!!!  And the music of Morenatsu is more than a surprise for me! (It has been several years since I played it). 

Having seen the content of "About" , I know it is really hard for you to make it ,and it is your determination that makes me deeply moved . 

I believe your game will be better and better ,and it will be a success one day!!!

By the way ,I am also the fan of Lagoon Loung  XXXD    (both of your OST attract me~)

Omg, everything in his bedroom and bathroom are from The Sims 4. I love it x3

is there a guide ?

After every choice, look at the character and see if his like meter went up. If it did, you made the right choice, although most choices are pretty obvious.


Hello, In Android version on the game the dialoges and texts show up so weird, like getting out of the screen I cheked if it was my phone, but it's not, I hope you can solve them, Thanks, nice day!

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