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Is there perhaps ant more lewd scenes for coach gil

Right now there aren't any since this game is still early in development and will prolly be getting an update on May 5th

Which decisions in the game that gets you a game over?


don't be nice and you get game over

Ahh okay, just wanted to know since the tips below the menu screen says that some choices will lead to a game over.

In marks route, I think on either day 3 or 4, you have a choice to go after Mark or go with Coach Gil, the 2nd option leads to a game over screen 

Is any character route complete


is it may 20th for the update? im really looking forward. I missed this VN. its by far my most favourite


its the actually the 5th so only 20 or 19 days to wait

oh really? Damn even more exciting for it to come

Really??? Ooohhh, I can't wait for the update. 

less than a month for that rumored return date. I'm excited :3


i would go back to play after class this month but i will now wait. I didn’t know about the May update. and yes trainer Gil is hot to fuck and by far the most fun. for those who like games like A.C try A place to call home, very funny and hot too and part 1 of the game is complete 5 hours of reading.


I hope the new update has more Parker’s art. Awww I love that cute bear 👉👈

Omg the last update was at 5 month if we will get the new update maybe he had a hard tume to get some new line for the other speach line couse it had a lot of rout and make some new line of there speach on the old characters  fir the upcoming new character and i realy hope that walter will know his past


This game is messing with my sexuality goddamm coach Gil is hot 

Yes, you're not alone

I though that the update are april 5 why is still not updated?

Because the possible update was scheduled for May. There's even multiple tweets from Andy saying it's in May.

Hey i am kinda new to this game is their a news on day 8 of coach Gil i am obsessed with coach Gil h so hot lol 

The furthest any of the characters go would be day 7.  If any days are added, it would be with the new possible update coming around May 5th. 😊


IKR/same he´s just sooo fucking hot and just imagine having HIM as ur coach ugghhh...


maybe they are comming something very hot and ideas on the next update couse after this month or year and taking notes to the comments I think they'll make something kinky on may 5 and udjusting the story for the new character and episode on these and the sub-character as well and there looks and sprite on those are not showing on the sub-character and I hope that there would be a new look when they're at the beach I hope it will be sick as hell and have more days that will be hell of a game to Finnish again of all routs and episode are more longer and enjoyable I hope Walter will remember his childhood memories and remember all his friends right in front of him and stop making secrets and hiding it from Walter 

I'm so sad that they kept that a secret from Walter boohooooo0 😭😭😭😭

I think Andeh will make the same for itch(later days) and Patreon (advance days)

Can anyone help me on how to download this on windows? I downloaded the file but got stuck afterward


I can't wait for them to come back, Day 6 with Parker and 7 with Lars were a bit of a cliffhanger. I'm very hyped up!

Is any parts where he has sex with someone or is that an upcoming update

i think an upcoming update


for sure we want coach Gil or lars have get sex scene

Is there even a right password for marks phone?


just ignore it

I guess there would be in the future like there should be one when we have a better understanding of the whole story but it's just not implemented atm (or that it's just sth unimportant)

It April 1 🥳 only wait 1 more month ;-; anyway I can't with for may 5 🤭✨❤️✨

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Why can't you wait for May 5th is it your b-day or is something special happing. 

Nevermind I just saw the news on Twitter now I also can't wait I'm so happy its coming back.

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I have thoroughly checked several different side-paths in Gil's route but I need a bone, Andy can you give me an idea of how I know I'm on the right track with the conditions that Gil's route has?


follow this


omg thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!

Can you give me for Mr. Parker too?

All routes is included

Ohh i see thank you so much <3

is the gam still updating ??


There's an update scheduled for May 5. 

guys, do you know what Mr Thornton mean about "Moose less" ?, at least that Walter think, any idea, or any theory about it ? i just curious enough from the first time i read that line......


I think he said useless but walter misheard it.

Although that make me even more intrigue, if i recall, that happen after Mark rushed to Walter's and left his father alone at park......, why he so over protective, i guess...... toward his son ?, afteraIl, Mark always practicing his rude behavior, and yet he still care......, what a character....... Love this VN 😍😍😍


WHY must LArs be a fictional character :')
That said, this was really great and I'm really stoked to see it come back! Thank u very much Mr. Andy.


So far this VN feels like the biggest edging session ever. I've finished Parker's and Lars' routes and i have so many questions, but the answers are just barely out of reach. I hope they are eventually answered tho. 


Ahhhh still no new update. The recent Update made me cry and they went on hiatus T^T.  Still miss morenatsu i still play it from time to time.

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Umm the new update are on may 5 if i can remember correctly im happy for you to like this furry game So far >3<

They said the creator just need to take a break and update if they're finished there break like up to 2-3 month but still hope for the new character and sub-character and the episodes I really like this so far tho but I don't know how to unlock the pic from Mr. Parker (:-(

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I remember back when the first time I played this before it had only a few days of gameplay... and boy, how much things have changed. I'm liking what I'm seeing so far. Usually in furry VNs, not every single husbando interests me, but this could be the first. Anders in particular reminds me of my ex-boyfriend...

Also some of the backgrounds reminds me of Angels with Scaly Wings...

P.S. Maybe Torahiko could be a secret route of some sort? Because we all know he deserves a closure and happiness that is his own route, right? Right? 😛

Does there will be a new update or this is the ending i just almost read all routs and already finished all ep of mark and lard but there 2 peaple are still missing and thers a lot of ep is still not released are u sure that this is the end of this bit still i hope not cause of the missing person and ep even tough its been 2020 since the last update i hope the writer notice this comment i would be happy 😁😁😁

there is more, but the creator r taking a break, the next update come at may 5th, just wait.........😉😉😉


oh I can't wait and I'm reading Parker's route today from his house and Liz is teasing them both I kinda felt a little bit angry at Liz for that kind of teasing but it's was very funny most of the story I laugh at like that when teasing like that especially Gil but thanks anyway for the notification from the creator 

Last question:can u tell me how to use ren'py? 

I think I kinda wanna make my own story and be kinda like popular for once in a lifetime.

 thanks for the notification again and have a good health  and a wonderful day☺☺🤗

for this question, u need research by your self, can not explain all, that would spoil the fun 😉😉🤭, but it is......, as u r familiar with the ren'py script language, u got all u need, the rest r your creativity limits.

Hope answer your question, and thank you......, i'm flattered 😉😉😉, hope u too as well........

Oh OK I guess but it's OK if I'm spoiled couse I'm just like a spoiled kid...

You Said I will lost the fun so I'll figure it myself so I can get fun as you said I hope we will be friends and tell you some secrets on pm 🙄 

I'm kinda scared if I told anyone that I will chat it in this public so if we can pm I can say it you you unless you won't banner me 😉

Ummmmm I think it's to many to read😂😂😂 

On what social network I can add you I need someone to talk about this and I kinda nervous on this public I need to make a pm on you so we can chat easier and beter

Please 😳😳😳

Youtube have many renpy tutorials

oh ok thank for the tips i was ummmm realy appreciate that and I don't know what to do and my friend is not telling me how so even in pm message about this...

Still thank for the tips

no worries I just making VN to myself and too much to learn before to start whahaha

i wondering how to unlock second cg of lars?

Use the ep of lars

And mum I don't want to show you the pic couse someone will tell me a spoiler 

Look of the pic: Gill is liking Lars belly and second pic he get hard on

ok thanks alot!! im also thinking, there is a ??? in gallery, is it will be show in next update? if not, how to unlock it?


it's said it will be in the next update on may 1 I'm not the creator but I know what is the update cause I ask though...

I'm gonna make my own story  on Ren'Py unless and I hope that will come soon I can take a pic on my high school hallway and room so that will be the background but the character will be a beast-men😅😅😅

thats good to hear! good luck~~ and thanks for the answer!


OK I hope you get a good time reading 

I kinda have a trouble here on making a game 😂😂😂

Still I need to practice first  on my grammar and enjoyable reading before I could make the story couse I'm from other country though 🙄🙄🙄


Does anybody have the discord link

its patrons only :/

1.I love this game and i cant wait for the next days to come out. 

2.I alredy played almost all of the routes(i just need to finish Parkers) and i loved all of them(ok maby Gills was little bit wierd to me but it was great in its own way). 

3. I have question: why the heck in Marks route Avi gets invited to the beach trip and in any other he doesnt(in Marks route Mark won 7 tickets but in any other he has only 6)?

4. If i would have to rate this game i would give it solid 8/10 and i hope it will be only better in next updates. 




I just reread Lar, Gil, and finally read parkers route and its was amazing story. I feel conflicted about this 3 routes but I want to know more about there past specially Gil and Lars. ("I feel cheated") I want to continue with the story even more now that I know that little past in parkers route. The event reveal with marks episode  was eye opening "Note: I have not seen or read Marks and Anders route (because they dont interest me that much) keep up the great work and cant wait for the next update 


I just want to know the update base for the public is it like monthly or just when the creator likes it. and for the patreon too please and thank you

Public is later than Patreon ver

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Really enjoyed the game, Also, nice Lagoon lounge and Morenatsu reference~

so how do u get the lars route im so confused ive seen people saying somehting about it but idk how to get it

What do you mean by lars route ? Like when you get to tell his side of the story?

just simply pick him on day 2. Once you started showering in the morning.

Uhh guys someone said that the password to Mark's phone is 231942 I can enter it since Im on a laptop but it was still wrong. What's the ACTUAL password?

I don't think there is a proper password implemented yet 

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perhaps, in future dev [my speculation B) ], we would like to find something in Mark route that would lead to some kind a combination after we know him more, or he just give it to Walter as their trust. But, i worried about them, i still intrigue about their past, the Mark twin, the revenge thing.......🥺, oh Mark.........


is it me or Anders Beach CG is not unlockable? i went through every possible dialogue with his route and its still locked


its already reported to Andeh

thanks! i was worried that it wasn't unlockable

so the rumors about this project returning yesterday were wrong huh? I wonder what's goin on with the creators, hope they're all fine.


Bro. They will coming back on May 5th mean 5/5 not March 5th


I think what they meant on may 5 is, when will they continue the work


thank u I'm just dumb.

They said they still work on the game on hiatus, just less so.

yo thank you for clarifying that my dumbass got march and may mixed up

how can I have the mark's episode and his day 7 plsss?

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I somehow unlocked mine when I played Lars's route. One of the choices, should unlock it. 😊

Uhh its available for everyone


Okay but does anyone have favorites for the Day 7's? Mine is Gil <3


AAAA I cant decide, either Gil's or lar's 


I'm stuck in a triangle between lars, Gil, and everyone's favorite ass, mark lol

Lucky! Wish I had the patreon version for mark and Anders

I wish I had the patreon version too, makes me wonder what content I'm missing lol


I really like Coach Gill


Mark's my fav!

Anyone know how to unlock Gil's episode? I've been trying and so far it hasn't been working 😅

Its not out yet -.-

Is it a Coach Gill story?When our hero starts to think of something dirty in the bathtub, those options can trigger each character's story.

That's actually for the main story route. After you complete that, you get taken back to the menu where the characters have little episodes on the side. Right now, I only have Lars's and Mark's unlocked.

how do you unlock mark's pls??

Download the Patreon version which is absolutely free right now

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is nsfw?


When I started the game it said "Day 14" should it be like that?


Lol, u realized?

yes lmfao

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