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Forgive me if I'm revealing this.. But I recall reading a reference to Lagoon Lounge(was it?) About a village, and A Giant. I believe it was Gil's route? I'm just asking if anyone here remembers what day that was... Sorry, if something came up like this, I literally can't rest.

Nevermind this.. found it

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hi there afcl fans you're welcome to join  our unofficial discord server made for after class fans where u can talk about ur afcl crush or theories and most importantly make friends who likes afcl just like you feel free to drop by


Currently waiting for day 9 learnard and Marco 🥰 love the art style, the plot and basically everything from this vn ✨

I haven't heard of these two before. I haven't followed with the updates much. Are they an available routes already?

They are Gilbert and Mark

Sorry ok soo Gil's real/full name is Gilbert Learnard (idk spelling) and Mark's is Mark Thornton but Mark's dad tends to call Mark as Marco ( this was later revealed on Mark's route day 8 a.k.a last day for now... ) 

When i saw This i Chech the 0age but i didnt see the Update Im Going to Wait i hope theres a New Route for Gilbert

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It has been updated you just need to click download and it will be there and I think Gil's day 9 is next month


Mark code

Does anyone know mark's 6 digit code to his phone? If so, please comment it. Thank you for your time. 

So far none of us knows what it is, we will know soon as the game progress

do you have the redownload the game everytime there is an update?

I already did that part.


If you're talking about android then yes, so it's recommended to have a copy of your saves before redownloading

Uhh how to have a copy of my saved progress 🤧??? And also is that ling 515 as your dp 🤭✨


Ahh that one I have an explanation of that before though I dunno if I can make a clear explanation again and yes he is 515 ling

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For I what I can say, go to your files, look for after class folder then go to your saves. From then on copy all of those files and paste it in a different folder, afterwards, once you redownload afcl you can now then paste those saved files to the new sav folder. Does that sound clear huhu

Hey, it's me Christopher. I really loved this game, but....., I need help. For Parker's route, can someone help me figure out how to trigger ???'s route on Day 8?

From experencie, can't say this may be true, Parker day 9 depends if you eat or not your breakfast on day 8

And for the ??? route.. well, tbf maybe just follow the guide and then it would appear? Tbh I don't know how to help with that

Is there a fan made guide? If so pls send it


 Is this Guide for the latest version?

nope. lars day 9 is still nowhere to be found

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Am I doing Anders' route correctly? 


Ive been doing his route and it just feels so... off. Are you supposed to be this stressed out asshole? Either Ive made some bad choices or this route is just really different from the others. And then you just try to be friends which is also kind of weird to me. I think it might be intentional since I've tried picking a bunch of different combinations of options for the same thing to happen but its kind of off putting. Anders is my favorite and I really want to keep doing his route but I'm not sure I like how Walter is acting here

This is just a thought of mine, but don't you think that, compared to the other routes, Anders' is the only one where we don't get any form of like physical comfort? We have Mark, Coach Gil, Lars, and even Parker (but of course, it's a bit uncomfortable for him?), Anders is the only one where we don't get that which is why it makes some sense to me and why Parker's hug makes a lot more sense given the context of the other routes with this one


Is there a Discord server for this VN?? I coulda sworn there was but I cannot remember if I had just made that up

i think its only for patreons feel free to join our fan server then!

I am on Day 9 and just finished the test and met Wilfred. He offers to show me his bike and then I get an exception has occurred  error stating the following

While running game code:

File "game/c-lars_day09.rpy", line 585, in <module>

NameError: name "Wilfred" is not defined

Full traceback:

File "c-lars_day09.rpy", line 585, in script

File "renpy/", line 1131, in execute

 renpy.phython.py_exec_bytecode(self.code.bytecode, self.hide,

File "renpy/", line 1061, in py_exec_bytecode exec(bytecode, globals, locals)

File "game/c-lars_day09.rpy, line 585, in <module>

NameError: name 'Wilfred' is not defined

Windows-10-10.0.19041 AMD64


After Class Itch -v0.9.36i

Hope this will help

Did you do a new save or continued from an old save? If you continued from an old save there was probably a change in a previous day that caused an error. If new save idk tho.

old save

I will start over and see if it does the same thing.

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Anyone know the way to get to the hidden scene with Mr. Parker? I did it once and I reinstalled and I can't seem to get there again. In-between Day 7 I think

What kind of hidden scene? i think i missed it


When you allow parker to sleep with you in bed -- before the herbert dream. You end up groping him and he lets you do it.

ohh that, i got that scene and it was 🤭

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iirc: on day 5 after exploring the park and playground you need to go to bublix instead of going home. then on day 6 agree to spend time with parker later, then call mark. when mark suggests something say you're curious, then later accept the dare.


With the already given information now, I could already tell what happened in their childhood lol, the story is truly evil but I found it fun when I was scouring the routes and episodes for clues XD. Can't wait to see what will happen next. (Really loved the characters!! all so cute)

Oooh spill the beans will ya? Or at least give me a hint


I don't think it's okay to leave them in the comments, people would get spoiled. I would like to talk about it in private because I'm kinda proud of myself for doing all that searching and quoting just to figure out a story lol

But I would tell you that Episode Mark and Episode Anders is the key, with those two episodes and played Lars' main route thoroughly, it would've been really clear.

In my opinion, the other routes and episodes aren't that important than the three I talked about above. But for when I was scouring for details, they still helped a lot anyway. I just don't think it's 100% needed to know their childhood.

But one thing is that I'm only 90% sure about what I found and what I've scoured for evidence to prove. Even though the evidences are quite solid and obvious. But you know, I'm not the writer after all lol, Hope that helps you though XD

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Will the button for naming the save files temporarily disabled? Or gone for good. Cause I swear that small pen really helped organizing my saves and navigating which to load

I just updated... And it turns out I missed a lot 

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Uhm. Kinda irrelevant I guess? But I'm actually stuck here, I got both the feeling two out of three is really important. And I'm a type of guy that can't really rest well with situations like these.

So. Need help. Which should I pick?


I'd choose pendant


Personally I'd go either the pendant or Herbert since they are linked to me (in Walter's perspective)

I see Anders likes to switch out which side his nip ring is on... :D (beach day, after MC tries the ramune)

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The Logs button on Anders' route always gives an exception error. Actually, you might want to look at all the buttons...I can only save by pressing Esc then using the menu that way.

Yo' it's been a while since my last check here. How's this vn going??



You know I'm not getting updates for this visual novel at all and on top of that I am confused it says it was updated three days ago and yet the the log haven't been updated in months
Read this

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I wish he had a short log that just said "in this update you get Name day x". I swear I read these changelogs and just end up more confused because i cant find which day got added

Edit: I found the damn line finally!

"With this update, it brings us to Mark Day 3 overhaul (for Patrons and and Lars Day 9 update (for"


There's also one in game, btw. on click to start screen

lars day 8 is glitching when you choose to head home it will glitch when talbott shows up and close the app on the android version 

It's not a glitch, it's an one-time event.


Is there any nsfw in this game?


Yes, you we'll get to see everyone naked at some point in the game.

spoiler (0_0)

Yes, some NSFW scenes are on day 2 and day 7

Is lars day 9 And mark day 3 revamp out yet?


did episode 1 for gill come out yet


yes it's out

is it just me, or the update are already posted?

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it's a new update for Mark's and Lars' route


The question is, is Walter really Hubert it's like I'm writing everything down trying to figure it out and I must say I love gil, lars and parker those three have me constantly blushing

Spoilers below (idk how to do the cut off thing) but...

...In Parker's route, Walter mentions having a brother that he's not close with, so my guess is they're twins and the brother is Herbert. It's not a perfect theory, since there's still so much information missing about Walter's past, but it's what makes the most sense to me so far

Hmm I already figured they were brothers however I'm starting to think they were switched or Walter struggling with a personality disorder I've been trying to figure out him every time I play I mean it each route he acts different and Gill's route was the one that stood out the most


I'm operating under the assumption that it's amnesia as a result of a traumatic childhood event tbh. Some of the flash backs in... I think it was Lars' route seem to imply that something happened to Walter and Herbert when they were younger that Walter blames himself for, though it's probably gonna be a while before we get concrete details about what exactly went down

I think we need group chats to discuss everything we read because I'm getting more intrigued 


its public version the event wont have nsfw event? i check file the nsfw or nudity / naughty gc event has gone ?

if want nsfw do in patron?

Just wait, we'll have nsfw illustrations/ event soon. Try Gil's / Parker day 3

Game crashed whenever i play it

ya añadieron alguna ecena buena osea de adutos?

ya que lo deje en la ruta de lars por ultima vez y me encanto solo que le falta algo de romance ;

No matter what I do this will not run on windows as it keeps running into errors when I try to extract the files :/


oh dear, after Anders episode... I kind of want to cry, i felt the impact so much that it feels like the ground collapsed below my feet...

I'm like, what the hell I'm supposed to do now. It was incredibly well written, and the last episode i was missing... 

I'm scared, but at the same time, I'm really excited for the how the routes will end up, and for how this mystery that i feel lurking around the corners will resolve. 


Ikr....reading about what going on in anders episode feels f*cked up and terrible, but at the same time it make me feel excited waiting for the story to progress from that point.

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Could You make a route guide please 

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seeing as the routes aren’t even finished yet, i don’t know how they would make a guide for it

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I have a question, in the 0.9.10 changelog it says "Lars day 9 has been added" and in 0.9.20 it talks about a fix on the same day, I'm playing version 0.9.25i and Lars' route ends on the day 8.

Is it a bug, if so how do I fix it?

Or maybe day 9 is just for patreon?

By the way, great game the story has me totally hooked 

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if you dont see Lars Day 9 Update / Monthly Rep in dev log then most likely for patreon.

Ok, thank you very much ^^.

I'll be looking forward to it, I love the game, the story is so good so far and I love the characters, it's a shame I can't join the patreon for now T.T

I played for the first time a few years ago just when Gil's day 7 was added and I fell in love with this VN

It's updated to 0.9.30 = Lars day 9

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spoilers for Parker's route

by far (day 7) Parker's route is the CRAZIEST. Firstly, finally Liz with the gang going on the trip. Parker.. he is appeared to be simple, shy. Like comparing to others, Gil and Mark are more open and risky in terms of relationship. We didn't even kiss or take each other's hands with parker and here we are having a jerking session 😳😳 like... it didn't happen to other characters, crazy. Also, Liz is superior, mark my word :)

And also having Fred on like.. 2nd day? I'm jealous that I'm having all the shenanigans with best chars (Fred and Liz) after 4 other routes and all additional episodes ☠️


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If you play Parker Day9 part2, you will have a new understanding of Parker. We can see that Parker and Walter actually like each other from the beginning.

ehhh.. will wait for public release :)

hey guys any recommendations for visual novels I've read far beyond the world l y r e after class of course most of the Echo projects visual novels honestly I know I'm running out of options at least for tablet

There are a LOT:

Lagoon Lounge / Knights College (Steam)

A Place To Call Home

Remember The Flowers

Tavern of spears

Lustful desires

Eden's reach

Socially Awkward

Chardonay Romancia (Steam)


Have fun

also try stronger bond that a good one

Ok so... I really don't know if this is right up your alley BUT... Reading the FVNs you've read...and its almost the same as mine. Try reading "SILEO: Tales of a New Dawn". It has 4/5 main route with 1 fully completed (Diego's Route) and 1 almost done (Tai's Route)(and the other 3 are still WIPs). I liked the lore of the story and AGAIN... Since your previously read FVNs are almost same as mine, I have a feeling you'll like this one too.

I am actually apart of the Discord group 4 Tales of a new dawn I took a break for that one because t a j was driving me crazy I am really excited for when they finally really the after Story 4 Diego I was hoping there would be more like Winds of Change but no luck so far

Oooh... Sorry I didn't know you already knew Sileo... But yeah... I am also hoping that we get an After Story in Diego's Route cuz it felt like a cliffhanger PLUS I am curious with Diego's family ESPECIALLY THAT weve been given their names and a wee bit of their personality... Based on what Diego said...

And YES!!! TAI'S ROUTE WAS CHAOTIC but in a good way XD

From what I have heard after they finish you know who's route Diego's after Story will start production also question are you a part of the Discord

Nope... Im not part of the Discord but its cool... I dont actually want to join any Discord server, for now that is...

Incase of emergency

Labios Salvajes

wolfstar sin and paradise

tennis ace

heart of amethyst

Deleted 43 days ago

His name is Andrew

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