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Why can't I download half of it?Why can't I download half of it?

So I'm doing Gil's route is there any fixes for the button portion when you're cooking with him on day 4? Mine either doesn't enter the button or brings up a different screen for some reason. 



另外tiger lars第六天剧情中晚餐时餐厅的背景图丢失 显示错误image is not found

It would be cool if andreas route(he's my fav so far) when we tell him that we like him he',ll be shocked and then before he could answer we run away embarassed hoping that we didn't ruin our friendship. And we may try 2 avoid him because of how embarrased we are.











我空间还有很多 就是下到一半了他的就不了有时候更少霞到百分之20多就不下了搞得我现在头都疼了




can someone give me the discord invite since the one on his Twitter has expired.


I feel so lucky that I can play such a fantastic game.😊I really hope that Wechat payment or Alipay payment will soon be supported so that I can give you all my money in my wallet😘,now china is being attacked by a kind of dangerous virus😰 and everyone is trapped at home.Your game made me feel really happy and relaxed during this period,thank you.(maybe there's something wrong with my expression because my english is not so good😱forgive me)


o thank you🤗

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Ughh, why is coach Gill so cute>.<

Lars too tho!

Can't wait to see where their stories will go!

me too!

Same point.:)

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So hi, first comment ever from me hooray. Second, Andy you tease I need mooooooore!


How do you get the lars cg?

I have been trying but i cant seem to get it

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I am addicted to visual novels and I am a boy (I am not gay) I like these types of games for their development of the story, which is interesting and also for the intrigue that will happen later.and also because I have a lot of space on my cell phone to download this kind of games

dude i have some bad news, you are gay 

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Hey in my house my sister tell me im gay i tell her Is a hoe (in mode joke i tink so)  went  someone telling me im gay remember my sister. You know love of brothers (: . And i telling you this bcs how dare you  telling me im gay only my sister can say that TO Me v:< AND i only install  this app bcs i dk just i found this game in Android apps AND i like this of games visual noval  i dont care if Is gay or hetero i dont really care just i like this game. 

If you are reading this and you thought I was going to insult you. No, I will never do that and I am not angry if you think about it. for me this is funny to me


This embarrasses me. I do not know any of the names of the characters. And he says it in the description but I get confused about who this and the other is so I get tired and just call them furry 1'2'3'4'5. if I feel ashamed but I am bad at remembering people's names my weakness has been exposed

Hi there!

I really enjoy the game, it's really fun. Sometimes I get mad to the protagonist for being so silly sometimes but it's loveable xD

The plot is insteresting, I'm looking forward to know what's the connection between all routes of the game and the main character. The only thing I wonder it's that is it really neccesary to be so especific when it comes to daily things like shower, eating, watching TV... There are some scenes where I can understand that, but some of them looks really unnecesary.

For the rest, the characters desing improved a lot since the first time I played it. I like the music, the features like the map and some more stuff. So I really hope you keep working so hard on your game, it's going to the right direction for sure!

Thanks for giving us the chance to play your game nwn


I need Lars' Day 6 so much :((


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^_^ Really love this game.  Great art work ,characters, and story. I expect really good things from this game .  10/10( From me ) Good Job 

Can't wait for the next update!!!



Can you ACTUALLY get intimate with gil? :3

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I'm wondering too. As the end reveals there has to be a way, but I tried most, if not all choices and nothing worked. Apparantly something is bothering Gil. Although I have no idea what.


Very professionally-done, but I have one major complaint: Uber is known as "Youber" instead of "Awoober".

I'm still in the process of playing the game but I love the Lagoon Lounge references


Will It be possible to beat Talbot for interrupting coach from blowing me up in the lockers?


Wondering if on day 14 the confession of love finally happens 🤔

Just noted the new background. U plan on changing the art for the main character? I confess that he's very attractive in that image... I'd go to bed with a guy like that hehe 

Man that new art is so awesome. Plus they're all hot and hung that it makes me want to bottom them. 

Android version, found some problems... In the main screen if I touch the characters head a error ocurs, same with the gallery of events of "other"

I also found a typo  in the changelog. 4th paragraph "Pakrer"

its already report that event gallery 

Join Dadeh discord to send the errors.


Can lars' gallery be unlocked

Restaurant issue resolved thanks the author I will definitely spend a lot of money to support you

The cafeteria scenes in 5.51 are all messed up, at least on Android. Doesn't matter if it's even the first day. Something about the background not able to load:

I'm sorry, but an uncaught exception occurred.

While loading <'Image' u'BGs/uni_cafeteria.jpg'>:
Exception: Could not load image u'BGs/uni_cafeteria.jpg': error('JPEG loading error',)

why I can not change the language


I saw that Lars and Anders have a picture in the even gallery and i have played Lar's route over and over but i cant figure out how to get the event to happen


Just wondering if you played Andre's route the first cafeteria scene is bugged for me and I'm locked out of his route I'm wondering if it's just the android version or even a bad download or something. 

Mee too


Android version only, and we're still fixing it. Please be patient, thanks!


The first scene in the cafeteria is completely bugged. I really like Anders and it sucks that this bug forces you in to being an asshole to him right away because you can't make the choices. The only reason I know I was a asshole is because his profile says I left him by himself. :( 


I don't know if it's just here, but I can't open the game in ver 0.5.50 :( my 0.5.30 opens normally, but when I try to open the 0.5.50 nothing happens... I'm on Windows


I can't install the android version. Plz help.

How do you get access to the newest update?

This game finish



Dissapointing that android is'nt being updated anymore here. 

But the download page says otherwise.


I read this..."Due to compatibility issues of Android builds, 0.6.11 on itch will not feature Android build (it's still available for patrons though.)" and I assumed it wasn't getting updated past that build?

Has it been updated now or not? That's interesting. Please say yes!!! 

That was for the limited 0.6.11 build that appeared on itch for a limited time

Ah, I read it as it wasn't going to be updated past 0.6.11 on Thank you for the clarification!

Andeh being as delicate as a horse kicking 🤣🤣


am excited for gil,lets hope he  is next on the boar

great work on the VN its amazing

Hope too. It was love at first sight even when there were only 2 days haha


This is just awesome, I just hope to have it done someday soon! :D


I noticed that Lars and Anders has CG, how do I unlock it?


im wondering the samething, i have replyed a couple of time for Lars and i dont know what im doing wrong.

It's in Patreon build, will be available for public soon.

Hi, I have a problem, on Day 2 with Lars route I dont see to find the Light switch button on the screen all I can press is the bed/wardrobe and bookshell and also cant go back because MC refuses to, Im playing on android.

Deleted 82 days ago

Actually, nevermind

It worked... I just had to madly press that space


Finished replaying through the whole game can't wait for Gil to get his day 5 to be public.

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